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Happy Church Day! I’m currently going through ‘Latin Lover’ drama, so i’m all feisted up, in a fiery flair of ‘please do F*** off.’ I mean how ANNOYING are exes! Like I’ve always said, the problem with dating is that you end up with a mighty bitter bundle of ‘no hoping’ past heart-breakers, who keep wiggling into your life and either trying to ‘woo’ you, trying to yell ta you, or trying to make you jealous. I have great exes and horrific ones. ‘Latin Lover’ is one who i simply find FUCKING annoying. 🙂 Yipppeee! (He’s the king of shouty emails…so i beautifully performed a ‘Wunna’ and sent him my OWN version of events, by simply explaining the facts, which he was incredibly DUMB not to see. I don’t enjoy stupid people. They never work diamonds, the way they’re meant to be worked.)

On a happier note. I’m having Mummy/baby day today. A day that i adored more than anything in the world. A day where i don’ t have to be at work and a day that makes me never want to step back into that office, ismply for the love of the fruit of my loins..who’s a bread stealing, delicious darling of an ‘ooh’ factor. ‘The Wunnas’ (Mum, Dad, Brother) and I all went shopping yesterday with Rubes and well i’ve never experienced a more greedy little bambino in my life. My daughter was literally hanging onto shelves, refusing to leave Hello Kitty and packs of sweets, giggling at blond people because they reminded her of The Tweenies and then crying at a boy because he didn’t fit the normal stereo-typical stencil of ‘HOT.’ (I’m obviously a GREAT mum. I simply laugh and wheel her off in bows with my mum and leopard print heels. We bought sofas yesterday for my new home…i was followed by aggressive sales ladies, who insulted my intelligence, by attempting their tragic pitch of manipulation on me. I hate that and simply because they’ll think i’ll fall for it….I did. 🙂 I came out having *swiped* a sofa!)

‘Date Night’ was my Friday night. Nice. But boring. I actually got really annoying, due the poor effect sof white wine. If i’m gonna have white wine and be with Pete then i need to be having fun. If i’m not, then i become annoying. We ended up pulling each others hair..which is harder for me, because he’s growing an afro. Then I stormed off before pasisng out in my full, glamour puss face of glory. Now i look back at it…it was actually funny. However, don’t you just hate those moments that are shit at the time, but funny AFTER. Like..what’s the point?

What i learnt? I’m a fun time girl and when i’m on the white wine and with ‘handsome’ people, i expect to be reaching for my sequins and having a good old time of ‘raa-raa.’ I got bored. It got messy. I ended up not going to my work colleagues birthday, (even though i did text) simply because by that time…i was in a mood.

On the whole i’m happy though. I’m not looking forward to work tomorrow AT ALL. I can’t bare to be strapped to my desk for 8hours, doing not much that i ooze a great passion for. Your quality of life is all that matters. I’ve lived a wonderfully fruitful and delicious life of adventure, love and excitement. Every day, i now look around me in my office, see my other work colleagues..see how not happy a lot of them are about their work environment and thing, there really is MORE. I’ve experienced it and i intend to gobble it ALL UP.

Therefore i’m on it and pulling a Wunna! I have my book meeting on Wednesday, which should be good. I’m working all week. I’m moving next weekend to a brand new place for winter and i can’t wait for Crimbo to come around the corner.

Life really is wonderful and it really is important to not get trapped in the mundane flow of normality, if your true passion is being shelved. I see it all the time and it saddens me. I’ve done everything i ever wanted in life and it all began in Hollywood. There are no rules and no-one can tell you how to enjoy your 100 years. Often we get lost on the way. but the right people, will get you back on the right track and the right people are the people who do not need to use you for anything AT ALL.

 All that matters is fun and love. (I totally had kinky dreams about a celeb friend last night. Funny how that happens..especially when i’m more than a decade older than them. I’m gross. However, i’ve noticed how i go for younger? I mean Pete’s 5 years younger. Bizarre?)

Going to enjoy every moment of Mummy/baby day today! Yipppeee!

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