Live and Let Die and WAY more coffee

Woke up this morning after a late night, to the rather dramatic, ‘Live and let die,’ song!! Don’t know why, but it was blasting out loud at approx. 8am, and it made me feel as though, i had stepped out of my soiled sheets, and stepped straight into a Bond movie! It was actually AWESOME or very very sad, i just can’t seem to decide???? Yet since i’m the Queen of all things GREAT, i’ll go with ‘better than waking up to some random hungover dude,’ right?? (beer goggles rock!!)I think, how you wake up in the morning is oh so important. Therefore, now i feel bad for always waking up my ex-husband, by jumping up and down on the bed repeatedly, whilst screaming, and playing crap songs as loud as i could.

Anyway, i’m feeling wonderful today, and i’m about to go shopping. It’s dreadfully foggy outside, yet the fog never seems to bother me. I once drove to a fashion show quite safely, in the thickest of fogs. I almost smashed into 4 cars, yet i dodged them like a champion, at the very last minute….i think??? But the point is, if i can drive in the dark, in most horrid fog, i can carry a few hundred shopping bags through it  with a smile on my face and steal a few things!! (tut, tut, Winona.)

My coffee hasn’t kicked in yet, so i’m sorry if this blog isn’t quite ‘all that,’yet if you are complaining that my blog is shite, then you can F*** off!! YOU try waking up to James Bond music!! haha!

I’m feeling like a ‘Star’ today, and although my love life is the shambles. (I haven’t actually seen my ‘Latin Lover’ in 3 months now,) my career is blooming. I guess, thats how the story goes… I remember how he always use to complain that i never cooked. Yet, he’s a bloody CHEF!!! If you didn’t want to flipping cook for me, for the rest of your entire life, then you should’ve decided to get your boobs out, for a living, and not go to CULINARY school. He’s the only Chef i know, that hates cooking!! hahaha!

Anyway, i’ve got to go and make breakfast. I can’t concentrate on blog writing, right now, as i have a million people around me fussing, bitching and yelling.  I hate it when people yell around me. If you’re about to have a giant arguement, and i’m around you, PLEASE take your drama, into another space. It pisses me off!!! Yet, if i’m yelling, i want everyone to stay and listen!!!

Not a good way to wake up…. i need more coffee!

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