Little Miss. Straight Talk

Had a baby sized shopping trip today. Much needed i think. I was on a hunt for jumpers…(as in Polo neck…and not ‘looks like i’m on crack,’ up & down *boinging* people.) Anyway, long story short, i found myself in a random Chinese grocery store, I got called an ‘Idiot.’ I’m feeling mildly half full emotionally, yet feeling like a ‘fatty patty’ physically. I cannot stop grubbing down. But whocares, i’m not ‘ewww much,‘ i’m the Queen of fucking Greatness! If i’m fat…I’ll only bark on about how curves are now IN! Booyah baby! I LOVE my body. Love yours! It’ll love you back….honest!!

Jonny just called to make up for annoying me yesterday. But i’m not bothered. I bbm’ed him coz i needed someone to talk to and all he wanted to do was be a dick and tell me i ‘bore him.’ He was joking yeah, but i’m just not in the mood. And he wasn’t funny. I did tell him that to, yet it didn’t really register. He needs to be a lot more careful as to where his level of respect lies with me. I’m not a force to be reckoned with and he knows that! *Hair toss.*I feel like he’s turned into someone i can’t really talk to about my life anymore. I can eat with him, party with him , drink with him etc… However, when it comes to the actual truely needing to talk to someone, he’s 100% not able to understand me or my life. He just  sit’s there being no help and making tragic queeny, ridiculous remarks. Now, i’m playful. I love fun and a good joke. But when i need to talk…i need to talk. It’ s not funny to me. But  he’s yet to experience his own life, hence why i can’t really expect him to beable to understand much of mine. I’ve LIVED! All i’m gonna say is i like how i have to be there whenever he needs anything. Yet now i look at it, it’s completely not reciprocated. Things are changing. He is currently BBMing me with ‘trying to be funny- make me laugh’ bbm’s. But they’re not working, because he’s being sweet. I don’t need sarcasm right now. I need a real life being, who can actually deeply talk without ‘front.’ I’m a very open girl and i don’t quite understand things that aren’t the same way. If you’re not able to communicate, then you’re in for a bumpy ride! (And not event he good kind!) My problem isn’t communicating. I mean, you can’t shut me up. My problem is finding someone to communicate with. I need to marry a therapist.

Anyway, enough of all that! I bought a bunch of girly jumpers, a book about the life of Johnny Depp. (*wink-pout.*) I love a good autobiography. I’m desperately interested in the lives of others. How they do things? Why they do things? I’ve had to yell at a bunch of ‘EWWW- Much’ boys on Facebook. I’m seriously just deleting any of them now, that are in any way disrespectful. You should hear the way some of them talk to me, when they have their wife or girlfriend in the other room. AWFUL! Like my faith in men has been battered! I don’t like four lines in of ‘You’re beautiful’ followed by the very predictable…‘..something/something…. tits…something/something…pussy.’ It actually makes me want to do a sick. And it comes from the boys that look like the fugliest of ‘tards.’ As if you can be a ‘fugly ‘tard’ and talk to a girl in that manner! I’m really respectful to men…until they turn ‘sleazy’ much on me. GO BACK TO ROMANCE CAMP! But saying that, they have nothing to lose, hence why they do it. My theory for Me is, the hotter the boy, the better he treats me and that is 100% true. The ‘not so handsome’ ones always end up being complete moronic ‘messes of issues.’ They do far too much thinking and not enough loving and therefore are unable to simply be themselves around me. I pretty much end up dating this ‘front’ of a ‘being’ that they have created out of fear! It’s not as easy as you think.. being Chrissie Wunna.

I will say that, the Hottie P’totties i’ve dated, have been quite quite AMAZING to Me!! Really confident. Really happy. Really lovely. Really polite and have ended up being my good good friends afterward. Hot boys are always always misunderstood, as are hot girls. I think i make a pretty great girlfriend. But when i choose a boy, they love it…yet immediately become terrified, for no reason. I’m a soft ‘bunny’ of a spirit. Affectionate, loving, and not able to be bothered to play the ‘game’ of it all. I like direct , honest, LOVELY…action! Our Actions are really fucking powerful. They are thoughts that have simply caused us to act. I think it’s sexy. It’s hot. It’s *sizzle.* Therefore now you can see why i believe a ‘being,’ that wastes the majoirty of their time in ‘thought,’ is a coward. It’s someone who lives in a world of dreams because they face taking that thought and acting on it. *Yawn* Emotionally issues and fear is s0 2006. GET over it. The only way you can make you’re life wonderful…the way it should be, is to smile, laugh off the past and gallop forward with a playful ‘UMph’ and a soul of ‘ooh laa,’ so delicious that only GREAT things can bound your way. Infact, invite good things in!! (And quickly before you have time to talk yourself out of it.)

I love being on my period. I’m all feisty and Glamour Puss galore. I’m not taking any kind of nonsense and currently allergic to ‘stupid shit.’ I have another bloggage coming up later, where i will be filling you in, (the best way i can without completely offending the world plus 1…) on what happened in Leeds, at Wazza’s Reggae birthday bash! LMAO! AMAZING NIGHT!! It was hilarious. There was no blog yesterday due to sheer hungoverness, meatballs, walk of shames and everyone feeling like shit! Great night! I’m loving life. (I definitely want to move to Leeds.) I’m currently on my sofa at home, waiting for ‘Dancing on Ice’ to come on. Gary Lucy in Lycra! My life is COMPLETE!

 Fave Wunna quote of the day: ‘ You know you’re completely over someone when you stop stalking their Facebook.’ (’s one of those great blissful days of merriment. We ALL do it!! Don’t even TRY and make like you don’t! LMAO!)

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