Little Miss Socialite

Me with Dino from Zoo magazine. (Which i’m in this week…plug, plug) I randomly bumped into him at the Nokia party. I’ve known him for almost 9 years. CRAZY! I’m LOVING life!!! I hope it gets naughty though. I’m up for a bit of scandalous behaviour! And as always it’s never too far away…

3 thoughts on “Little Miss Socialite”

  1. u look mustard but who is that mush i dont have a danny who he is. he should be honoured to be picked with u treacle. i hope i can get one one day sorry if i sound grumpy today im fuming and want to puch someone in the head fucking toon

  2. no it wont i am fuming im sorry if i am abusing him i just dont know who he is and i am proper fuming babe we are getting relegated and being nice dont get u know where with people u just get ignored lol


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