Little Lunchy Loo Loo

I’ve just got back from the most delicious lunch ever! I’ve been really happy today after you guys, YES YOU, pulled me through an emotional bit of ‘dramatico’ with love, support and booze. (Well i did the booze thing myself…i always do.)

I’ve been feeling quite *sexy mam* today, so i opted for a more conservative…‘i could be a business woman, or a fatter Victoria Beckham’ type number. It was an all in black toruser, low dropped top shabam…and well if you add diamonds to that and make sure it’s backless, with heels…bitches you have ‘YEAH BABY!’ OMG i worked it.. I worked it like no other..and pouted.

Okay then Loverboy picked me up to treat me to a delicious lunchy. I love being his hearts desire because he makes me feel like a Princess. Immediately when he saw me…and just my back that is, he got all flustered and *wa-woo-wee,* and didn’t know what do do but tell me that he loved me and wanted me. I felt his *pee pee* and yes, my Handsome is all up for a bit of dessert! *wink-pout!*

We first went to Wentbridge House…(it’s posh there) but we didn’t really fancy the lunch, so instead he tinkered his little Glamour Puss to a delicious Italian erstuarant called ‘ASK.’ omg…I LOVED IT THERE! tHE FOOD IS amazing!It is jaw dropping, buttery yumminess.. I ate my whole entire plate AND THEN a choclate molten, warm creamy dessert! I could’ve have died..but then you wouldn’t have a Queen, so why bother? (I’m having a *Flashback* from teasing Pete. He’ll be jabbering on about something…and i’ll pretend like i’m really interested and when he goes in for a kiss, i immedaitly *shock* myself up, and act like i had accidentally fallen asleep. 🙂 )

Amyway lunch was divine…i love lunch and my other half was truely commiting to being so lovely that  Chrissie Wunna, (yeah me) and because i looked so sophisticated today, thought i’d give my ‘Handsome’ a bit of a peek at my boob. Pete LOVES peeks. (Allb oys do.) I really think the key to keeping a relationship sexy is remembering to flirt with one another. There is not a moment that goes by where i’m not winking, pouting, stroking parts of him secretly or sending him a dirty text. He does the same. WE HAD WINE!

Long story short, i don’t know what happened but i think i fancied myself as a big of a sexy much kitty cat today, and i became rather suggestive. I know when Pete is feeling ‘ooh laa’ when he decides to go quiet! 🙂

No words were said just thinking, and then before you know it, in 5 minutes flat he was trying to book us a hotel for a bit of role play. Now, i’m a show off, a visual creature..I have no substance…i’m more ‘just look and don’t complain,’ therefore role play IS my thingage! I’m brave, so i have no problem palying a charcter for a handsome that i adore…he’s in for a treat because now i’ve had Malibu and when i’m on Malibu, there’s no stopping a Glamour Puss who’s daddy named ‘Wunna.’

I now have an hour, a merry sunshiney hour, where i am apparently to pack an overnight bag, with a dress for dinner, one that would suffice for drinks, makeup, toiletries and clean knicker crackers. Then my handsome will come and pick his Dolly up, and we shall train it to Leeds, where we will clebrate life, our union, life and our union over and over again, until we can’t see…and maybe with [insert anything but donkies in here.}

So yeah i’m checking into a hotel, staying over the night, we’re gonna be drinking, playing, getting ready, going out and having a devilshly exciting time. We pretty much go out every night…but i LOVE out hotel nights! Infact, we might be meeting up with some of his friends..who knows! But i’m excited and thankful that i’m no longer hurting emotionally. I feel safe!

I feel like dinenr tonight and a lot of drinky drinkies! I want to CELEBRATE LOVE, LIFE AND HAPPINESS!!! I realy hoep you do to! Oh and if you’re in Leeds, come join us…there’s always room for one more…(assistant. 🙂  )

I love you. (How long does a dress take to tumble-fricking-dry!?! And why do ALL of my CLOTHES have red wine split down them!!!’ Aaah the trails and tribulations of socialiting.) Anyway people often forget that Tuesdays can be fun! Go out, get crunk,…but do it in heels bitches!

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