Listen. Learn. Love

I just haven’t known what to write? So much kinda happened at once, didn’t it? I know how I felt. It went in waves. There were moments where I felt passionate, I felt angry, I felt positive…I felt all sorts. Flashbacks came flooding back. They still do. Then I blinked and found myself living through the largest civil rights movement in history…I couldn’t believe it. I was so shocked & so incredibly moved. Yet so PROUD because voices were being heard, actions were being taken…and all in the name of LOVE & EQUALITY for black lives.

It personally means SO much. ‘Black Lives Matter’ isn’t just a ‘hashtag’ to me. It’s all the memories I have. The experiences i’ve both witnessed & encountered. All the times I’ve personally been racially abused or SEEN others being racially abused. All the times I’ve heard and watched people ‘just get on with it’ because ‘that’s life.’ It’s my daughter. It’s my son. It’s my friends. My family. It’s everything and every single INJUSTICE every human has received in the this world, to date…for NO TRUE REASON other than the colour of their skin, their sexual preferences, their gender…their everything.

I’ll admit, it’s felt overwhelming. I’m quite an emotional person. People often don’t think that I’m so ‘in touch’ with my emotions, because I don’t always put them on ‘show.’ Sometimes I say nothing. Sometimes I dance around them. Sometimes I ‘humour’ away, as a mask or to make YOU feel more comfy.

Yet, i’m an actor and emotions are our fuel. I feel, gather & deliver them…when I need to…when it matters.

‘D Bear’ once taught me that a wise man only speaks, when they have something important to say and it needs to be heard.

At 39, I certainly think before I speak. There’s a new found ‘grace’ to my manner and I love how it radiates. The younger version of myself, would ‘spout out’ recklessly, with thoughts, passion and without punctuation. However that doesn’t mean that I’m someone who’ll let others be disrespectful, hurtful or thoughtless…when it comes to myself, my loved ones, or others!

I’ve been trolled quite a lot on Twitter for supporting ‘black lives matter,’ standing up for civil rights and putting uneducated racists, in their place…who have been quite open about their hatred.

I was trolled because they wanted attention. How shamefully stupid of them to think that they’ll just be as racist as possible, during the civil rights movement…because it’ll maybe bring them a bit of ‘look at me.’

I managed to hush all the trolls …with sharp, direct home truths. They didn’t like it. But they were quiet then. So it’s important that you stick up for yourself and civil rights without fear. Trolls & bullies are weak. I can even feel how weak they are, when I’m reading their racist tweets.

Be strong.

However, I HAVE learnt a lesson from an amazing guy on Twitter called ‘Phil.’ 🙂 He’s ALSO fighting for civil rights. He does it without such love. Well, he taught me to ‘pick my battles’ because I was obviously being used for ‘attention’ and let’s face it, I’m a feisty one. ( My levels of confidence seem to SHOOT through the roof when I’m passionate about something!)

But, saying that, if you SEE, HEAR or READ something disgustingly inappropriate. Please do say! Video it. Screenshot it. We only know what happened to George Floyd because someone FILMED it.

Tell people how wrong they are! Tell them how’s hurtful, racist and deluded they’re being. It’s not okay and now IS a good time to stand up & put an end to it. Don’t ignore it because every time you do, you join them by being part of the problem. You hit ‘snooze’ on something that matters. You no longer make a difference. You’re being silent when people are asking for help and they’re asking for help because their haters are LOUD!!!!

You don’t have to be loud. You just have to do the right thing.

And you don’t need an audience of a zillion people on insta. It’s starts at home…with family and friends.

Don’t be terrified of trolls, if you’re being trolled. They’re gonna be nasty back. That’s what they do. It’s wrong, but you can handle it because you’re your fighting for what’s right! I mean what they’re fighting for is INEQUALITY and that’s a joke in itself. I mean one guy didn’t even KNOW why he hated people of colour so much when I asked him. He said he ‘just does.’

I know a lot of you reading this follow my ‘socials’ anyway, so you’ll know that I’ve been quite vocal. You’ll know how i feel & that I fully stand by the peaceful protesting.

I’ll fight for equality, encourage unity & hope for peace. I have children growing up in this world. I’m someone who believes that it takes a ‘noise’ powered by love and decency, sometimes a ‘fire’ to FINALLY be heard & to make people listen after CENTURIES of pain and being mistreated.

It’s amazing to see everyone coming together. It’s been so moving and so incredibly beautiful, hasn’t it? It’s also been so positive and an honour to be living through this time. I literally bow my head to all those who have stood by the black community, as one race…the HUMAN race.

If anything (and it’s been an insane year) the tragedies of 2020 have weirdly united the world as one. Like I said before, if we actually get through 2020 in one piece, we’ve done okay. Haha.

Plus, in a strange way, it’s been big good to see that the ‘narrow minded’ racists have outed THEMSELVES, because that alone will affect and already HAS affected their future…as they stand & footprint themselves in the poorest light.

Changes WILL be made this time. They’re ALREADY being made! We’re living through the largest civil rights movement in history. Don’t forget that.

The power that we have has human beings, standing up for black lives, inclusion, unity, equality & anyone that’s put in a ‘box’ and treated unfairly for no reason…will always outweigh the ‘shouty’ haters.

This time their ‘shouts’ will no longer be heard. This time we’ll WIN and they know it. They can feel it. It scares them.

BE the difference. Even the SMALLEST difference. Educate, love, support, learn and stand up for what you believe is right.

We got this…

All my love,

Chrissie x

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