Life is Cute, Homework & Rainbow Rudolph

Do you have the ‘homework mountain’ with your kids too? It’s not just me? We’re all going through it together, right? Lol

I seem to have a giant MOUNTAIN of ALL the homework, in ALL the world. I’m not kidding. It’s not even a fun mountain that serves whisky sours at the top, over beautiful skyline views. It’s awful!

The ‘homework mountain’ is incredible and mighty. It’s a place you never want to go, but are forced to visit…constantly. It’s modern & stylish, with an old school finish. It’s the never ending uphill struggle of Maths, English, Maths, English, Big writes, Diary Entries, Spellings, History Projects, Times-tables, Reading books, Build a model of….Write a letter to, Learn this song, Tell me about Vikings, Victorians, Egyptians, ‘The Lost Thing.’ I’m exhausted. Haha. 

Brain = Fried

The game is endless. It’s sick. You think you’ve mastered the delicious mighty mountain, then the next day….BOOM! It’s back, glistening and new, in it’s full ‘Do me now & Educate yo’self’ glory. 

‘Well done, Babes! Here’s new work, new books, new subjects, new stories, new spellings, new history, new tests, new projects, new, new, new, new, mountain, mountain…DO IT!’ 


It’s mental. It teases. It pokes.

But if they’re stuck….you’d think I’d just go with ‘Whatever, I need a mojito.’ 

Wrong! I’m actually the opposite and a sucker for sitting with them and going through it all, because I want them to feel inspired to learn. I want them to value it’s importance and I also want them to find homework fun.

It’s Wunna Land. If it’s not fun…then why do we have glitter on our walls? If they’re not inspired, they won’t care to do it, at all.

I hear loads of mums go on about it…

So, here’s my stance on the general homework debate ….Even though I’m having a comedic moan, I’m not the ‘they do enough work at school’ mum. 

I’m the ‘Regardless, you’re gonna get homework, whether you like it or not & you have to do it. So we might as well get on with it & get it out the way. Right?’

It’s A LOT. But that’s life. 

Yet, I do admit that it feels like there’s more homework than ever before?

Maybe because there’s two of them, so there’s double the amount…? Who knows?

PLUS, I have my OWN homework now. (Yay! Being an actor! Yay! Doing a Diploma! Yay! I now have a day left to learn my script.)

So after the joyous, kiddy mountain of homework, I’m then learning my scripts, sides, notes, doing a bit of ‘off screen contact,’ 🙂 writing reviews, building a character, sorting out the online bits, looking through work schedules, booking in headshots, re-learning my lines again, working on emotion, back learning frames…It’s hectic. It’s madness.

But weirdly, we’re loving it!

Well, we’re getting it done. Doing it merrily and because we all want to do well. It’s challenging. But isn’t everything? Once you’re done, you feel much better! 

 OR if you’re Junior, you just want mash potatoes. 

Or if you’re Ruby you argue with me afterwards, in a unicorn nighty, because you utterly believe that Mummy can’t help you with ideas for diary writing, or doesn’t understand homophones??? She doesn’t argue with me during homework, because she’s an ambitious soul. She wants to achieve. She wants to be the best. She wants to win. 

She waits until afterward, when I serve her sushi in a kimono and goes for it…

Ru: ‘You didn’t really help.’

Me: ‘I know the difference between Whether & Weather Ru!!’ 

Ru: ‘You don’t!! You’re testing me wrong. I’ve got this diary thing to do!’ 

Me: ‘When you write a diary entry, you should focus on how the boy FEELS.’

Ru: ‘I KNOW!!!!!! Stop telling me what to DO! I can do it myself.’

Me: ‘I’m helping you because you asked me?’

Ru: ‘Yeah, but what’s an opener? I need to talk about openers for the letter.’

Me: ‘It’s the…’

Ru: ‘I know! I know! Stop! Mum!!!’

Me: ‘Haha. Ruby. I’ve written a DIARY for the last 10 years & written about a zillion letters! I get this…’

Ru: ‘No you haven’t!!! All you do is TALK to yourself.’

Me: ‘I’m not talking to myself. I’m learning my script. Lol.’ 

It’s hilariously insane!

Junior’s far less aggro. Lol. He just smiles sweetly. He enjoys every bit of his work, wants to try his best, thanks me for helping him and then requests buttered mash potatoes.


He’s the kindest boy I’ll ever know.

But we managed it. We managed it ALL and in our comfies!!! 

In fact, we did so well that last night ended up being the cutest. There was just a moment… and our world is created by moments. We try and hold onto them in the form of beautiful memories.

We honestly remember ALL the moments and treasure them like the gold that they’re made of.

Ruby & I have out loud, belly laughs at some of the ‘moments ‘we’ve made. Even the bad ones. 

For example…Obviously because a human has filled our world with anxiety, of recent…Whenever we hear or see a car pull up into our street, or outside our home, we slyly panic and have to triple check to make sure we’re safe.

Junior’s always absolutely terrified. Ruby’s eyes look scared, yet she acts like she’s okay. I definitely feel the fear…and try to direct it appropriately, in a good old, safe fashion, to make sure they feel okay.

But…We’ve done it SO much NOW, that it’s funny. (I’m aware that it’s a sad thing to find funny, if you’re going through the same thing? Yet, if we didn’t…their world would be temporarily misted with fear & I don’t want that. They don’t deserve that. That’s why I turn ‘safeguarding moments’…into beautifully fun hotel nights. So unannounced home visits that may possibly disrupt their ‘happy place’ doesn’t get to harm them emotionally. It doesn’t get near them. Get it?)

Anyway, last night, Ruby, Junior & I had all bundled into my bed and they asked me to tell them a bedtime story. 

I’m not gonna lie, I hate doing it. But I do it anyway. The best bedtime story would go like this…

‘Once upon a time, there were three little pigs. Now there are hundreds. The end. Go to sleep.’

Haha. I’m terrible. 

But the lights go out, they’re all snuggled in, I begin to tickle Junior’s back and then i take them on a magical adventure to the North Pole, to meet & feed Santa’s reindeer, who are snuggled in cosy warm stables, preparing for their big Christmas Eve flight. (I went for it last night.) 

Ruby usually likes to act out the story with delighted faces and hand gestures of mockery. Junior usually likes to direct the story. 

He likes me to ‘get to the bit where Santa comes in.’ (Every second Santa has to flipping walk in. Even if the story isn’t about Christmas?) 

However, no Tom Foolery occurred last night. They just wanted to listen, relax, enjoy and sleep. 

As if!!!!!!

Yet because they decided to listen, relax, enjoy and sleep…I thought my story telling bored them, so I had to ‘amp’ up the stakes! 

So Rudolph had just been given his ‘magical rainbow reindeer food,’ from a ‘glistening golden safe’ guarded by ginger, dancing elves…

It was cute because the smallest things made them giggle. 

The fact that Rudolph now had a rainbow nose & the elves were panicking because it obviously totally messed up his song. His big Christmas anthem! 

Junior: ‘Oh no!!! It can’t be Rudolph the rainbow nosed reindeer!!!’

Ruby: ‘Why not?’ (….because she has to debate everything.) 

Then we all just *paused* in the dark… with a tortoise in an enclosure nearby…and out loud, GIGGLED.

Everything stopped and we JUST laughed for no reason. We didn’t know why we were laughing? What was so funny? Or what was even going on? We just burst into utter laughter…and it was literally the most amazing feeling ever!!!!!

It was like everything just went back to normal for a while.

Then we were all exhausted, so I told that when they fell asleep, we’d all go on the happiest dream land adventure! Almost as if their bed time story didn’t end there…and the rest of the fun could be had in their dreams.

We’d be sent to the North Pole, where the story had been told and we’d meet at the wooden sweet store, that had two giant candy canes around the front door, in the shape of a love-heart. 

They were so excited! Haha. It was cute.

Junior: ‘What if I can’t find you? I want you to be there.’ 

‘I’ll be there. I’m Mama. I’m always there.’

I told them not to worry, because in dream land they’d have mobile phones in their pockets, so we could face time if they got lost. Haha.

And just like that they fell into the happiest, deepest sleep and woke up this morning filled with delight and adventure….ready to tell me everything!

Life is cute. 

Enjoy it. 

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