Life is a Goody

Feeling REALLY good today. I’ve smelt the roses, heard the birds, called my mates in LA and yeah i’m on top of the world. But i always am…i’ve got a lot to be chipper about. I’m a lot more grateful for the smallest of things than you would think i am (due to my daddy almost dying last really puts things into perspective) and i am LOVING writing my blog right now. Thanks for staying tuned and for all the random messages…especially the naked ones. LOL (Gimme, Gimme, Twins, twins!)

Anyway, I’ve just pre- recorded a quick radio interview with Hallam FM (Go Northern Support!! Love you ALL for it. You’re like a canon load of fists, short skirts and cheers.You’ve turned deliciously insane and since i’m a lover of insanity, my darlings… i’m standing right with you!!)  I have an interview with America later on and i’m excited about it, (even though it might get postponed due to a fire…haha)as it’s a good chance to really be HONEST about things. They love me in LA for it. You are rewarded threefold.. However over here, a few odd people are terrified of a bit of ‘speak my mind’ honesty. It’s very telling…makes me laugh. Then later, i have another quick question/answer chat about ‘stuff’ thats going on, with a certain someone. So it’s an easy day of getting your point across. LOVE IT. Ooh i fancy a cup of honey dripped tea and a victory dance!

It’s ‘Show Time’ tonight and i’m excited to write my little blog on it. I feel a bit feisty today, so it’s gonna be a good one. Oh and just before i leave to go munch on some noodles. I just wanted to emphasize the fact that it’s important to concentrate on what YOU’RE doing and not on what someone else is doing. I’m not one who enjoys to get involved with petty drama…petty drama just follows me around. I mean once you start it…it just turns into a hilrious chain of chinese imppy whispers. I’m honest, i’ll say my point…but i then don’t have time for the gossipy part….but mainly because i’m lazy!!  I mean i’ve spent the whole morning in fits of giggles, on the phone to my Hollywood mates about some of the things going on right now, cos i was a bit narked off. (It’s natural) Now it’s funny and i’m happy once more. (Champagne all around. ) So just incase you’re Agent sold pictures of me to a site (images that i get paid for) and then went on to bad mouth me, in order to make HIS client look a little bit better than they do right now… (note: any bad mouthing makes me look good, as no-one bad mouths Chrissie Wunna,  more than I do….and yeah she can be a bit of a tit,) i just wanted to say thanks for my cheque!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! IN YOUR FACE!! (lots of very mature egotistical behaviour went on at this time, and maybe a few sexy middle fingers!)

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  1. im pleased uare happy and u got ot speak to your pals in la chrissie. i love the fact u tell it like it is it is the only way to be if u didnt have a yorkshire accent i would think u were from essex because of that babe. im pleased someone eared u some doe it is always nice ot get paid enjoy your show tonight and doing all your radio shows have a glass of shampoo fior me chrissie


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