Life has got good

Hi Dolls! You have my absolute sincerest apologies for the distinct lack of blog writing, but as always…it’s not my fault. πŸ™‚ (That’s a lie. I enjoy that i’ve begun with lying. To be honest, I’m a being who always takes responsiblity for all the shit things i do. I’m one to hold my hands up and then charm my way out of it…firstly with intellect and humour, but if that doesn’t work…i just keep it simple and go with boobies.)

I adore my blog more than anything, yet i’m always either working, being mum, working or being mum…then fitting in social time..meaning that i’m yearn ing for that fifteen minutes a day where i’m on my own…just me…in a quiet corner and able to blog. It doesnt’ happen often. I’ve turned into a money making machine, still a love bunny…and well a hardcore Mummy of two! I’m doing it and doing it well!

Okay, don’t even know where I left off. I did a girls night on Monday. Did I even tell you? Working the next day was rubbish. Oldies can’t party. But it was a dinner. A great dinner. With 20 of my chick friends/acquaintances. Love them all. We wined, dined and gobbled up food to laughter. Then I went home early instead of partying the night away and simply because I had babies, work in the morning and well people around me that sort of made me more responsible, as you all know what i’m like..give me a wine and i’m off galloping into the distance to the merry sound of good times and trouble. As soon as I got home though, nothing felt better! I snook in on my babies, as they slept…smiled and was super glad for every moment that i’ve have with them. Things are about balance. Coming home early rocked…especially because everyone else felt like shit at work the next day. I was fresh as a daisy..and got to open my eyes to the little ones.

Other than that working hard. Loving it. I’m doing well right now and feeling really whole, confident and loved. I’m being more generous than ever…and simple out of happiness and my natural good nature. πŸ™‚ I adore giving…or is that shopping? πŸ˜‰ Every being that i met on…i think it was Wednesday recieved a gift from me and simply because I wanted them to know how much I adored them. πŸ™‚

I FINALLY GOT TO CUDDLE BABY HOWEL! Baby Wazza…and Hannah….if you are unaware of what i’m going about. Wazza is a proper grown up now, working hard, now a hardcore family man, new baby son, about to get married…running two properties…yes super grown up stuff. He still does this…but seems to run itself now. (I just need to be able to blog more.) But yes…I finally met up with the very witty and rather beautiful HANNAH (his missus)…and we did tea with Baby Howel…(Junior was poorly.) Hannah was gorgeous, funny and very boobied and well it was kinda great to chatter with her because I never have had that one on one time with her, even though i’ve adored her mucho.

She was funny, open, and just great. There’s a down to earthness about her, with a glammy, fun, good morals n’all twist. πŸ™‚ I did feel bad though as Hannah had managed to keep Howel in one pretty piece until she passed him to me. As soon as he was on my knee, within five seconds, I had already let him grab a full cuppa tea and accidental pour it on…’everywhere.’ πŸ™‚ I am rubbish with babies, but love them so much. It’s like me and all relationships. πŸ™‚ But I greeted Hannah with a hand tied bouquet from my new fave, last minute find florist in Ackworth on Wakefield Rd. It was simple, and more wild stemmy than anything, but pretty. And well, I also bought Howel his ‘coming into the world pressie,’ with was a money box, piggy bank..whatever you want to call it…that read’ Toy fund’…and began his little fund for him..:) I mean Hannah and I did contemplate whether we should just spend it on shoes…but we let Howel have it. What Hannah does with it now is on her. πŸ™‚

Great afternoon. It actually feels really great to be social again. I’ve birthed my babies, i’m not back to hot, i’m working, i’m happy and weirdly super lucky??? Things have gotten back to normal. No more pregnancy hormones drama or feeling wibbly. LIFE IS GREAT! I feel like i have everything…well almost everything. πŸ˜‰

Since my afternoon tea i’ve worked my arse off, but inbetween have be awesome moments with the children and well just life. I can’t believe how wonderful everything is turning out, after such a hard start to the year. But like, good things happen to good people. Life is an amazing thing.

Oooh. I’ve also noticed that what goes around comes around. It seems that i’ve been buying loads of people giant bouquets of recent, just out of love and simply because all girls deserve them. It’s just nice to recieve flowers. It’s fresh, girly and a classic call.

Work was stressy yesterday and well i recieved a text stating that I was to go pick up a little something that would hopefully end my day with a smile.

I GOT FLOWERS!!!! BEAUTIFUL ONES!! Perfectly picked pour moi and with a card that read, ‘Hope this makes your day a little better.’ πŸ™‚


See! What goes around comes around! It’s the little things. I LOVE RECEIVING FLOWERS. I’m super girly and well fleurs just make me melt! Love it. Love it. Love it. Plus, it’s been a long time since i’ve felt appreciated or properly adored. So it’s truly lovely for someone to be precious enough to think that i deserve the prettiest bunch of flowerage ever. I love lilies…my favourite flower!

I’m super lucky. Super grateful. Super happy right now.

I don’t know what’s happened, but all these amazing things keep happening to me one by one? How life changes! Keep going folks.

Today i’m chilling with baby J, who unlike Ruby is too poorly to go to nursery. He’s just teething but of course, with him being a boy, it’s dramatic.

If you do anything today buy a scent. All people should wear a fragrance and simply because not only is it sexy, but it’s how i remember people. If I smell a smell that I have encountered, it sends me dooo lally. Secondly…:) tell someone you appreciate that you actually appreciate. In fact don’t just tell them….show them. Remember good things happen to good people. Yet everything you do has to come from the right place. Innit. Easy reall..unless you’re an absolute ************* (I’ll let you fill in that blank.)

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