Letting Life Do Me Proud


Odd day really. I’ve eaten so much, that i’m quite possibly going to be pointed at in 2 weeks and called ‘fat bitch.’ (Which is always a delight.) I’ve been quite proactive, as my life is a changing, yet the people around me all seem to be depressed. I’m as happy as can be, filled to the brim with ‘ooh laa’ and magic and i’m trying to make all those around me perk up a little. Don’t know why everyones seeing the worst in situations?? I’m a positive girl…hence why good things happen to me. Good things also occur due to my ample boobage, but I’m sick of you all being miserable with your lives. I just know that wherever mine takes me, it’s going to be AMAZING. I’m not letting anything get to me. I’m pushing down walls, thundering through tight spaces and socialiting my way through this world until i have it in the palm of my hands and have you all spinning around with Me. I make the best out of everything. You should too. I’m having to keep myself to myself simply because everyone else seems a bit ‘buzz kill.’ England sort of teaches people to be calm, quiet, work a normal job, and be safe. (My friend made me aware of that.) Whereas Hollywood teaches you to be wild, irresponsible and to chase your dreams. I’m gonna be moving to London for a wee bit soon, and i always notice how miserable everyone usually is…well sort of depressed in a happy way. I’m gonna turn it upside down, like i did in LA and make it the most wonderous place to be. Make people feel with every cell of their being and have the best time ever. It doesn’t matter how bad the city treats me, i’m going to LOVE it and enjoy every second. And if you don’t join me, then you’re just gonna have to watch me.

I got offered a job today and got called in for a job interview for another. They have nothing to do with entertainment, therefore i don’t particularly love the idea, however it might be a good way to venture into another world for an experience that i’d never get to have. I’m going to go to my interview and see what happens, yet i’m taking it in my stride. I always think whatevers meant to  happen to you, will just kinda find it’s way to you. Like i say, everyone thinks i’ve done a lot of crazy things, when really ‘crazy things’ have quite rudely done ME..and without protection. They’ve sloppy messed in my insides good and proper. Life is always good like that. I’ve lived and it’s been amazing. I regret everything.

The other day i quite funnily really disappointed myself, by doing something i promised myself i wouldn’t do. (Lol.) It’s not anything horrifically bad, just something quite embarrassing really, that i’m gonna get in shit loads of delicious trouble for. I love letting myself down. I haven’t done it today though, therefore i’m quite quite proud of myself. (Hahaha…) I’m doing well. I’m clinging onto my dignity….just.

Oh i had one of my dear Wunnerettes, (the girls that I mentor) tell me that i was totally in their dream last night. But in the dream i told them that i hated their outfit and she was dead sad. (Hahaha…) I love it. I think it got a lot worse? But i cut her off her story, as she went a bit lesbian on me. I’m obviously mentoring them well.

I’m totally missing a boy right now. I like missing people because it means they must have some sort of impact on your life. It’s all good. I’m happy. It’s beef for dinner. I’m off to go ‘fat bitch’ it. I love being curvy, it makes me feel all kinds of sexy and means i’m happy! When i’m skinny, i feel quite miserable. Eat those carbs! I tells ya!! Over the last couple weeks, i’ve been really rubbish at eating. I’d always have 2 bites and give the rest to ‘Baby Blue.’ Now i’m all ‘champion’ again…i’m eating loads more and well i’m feeeEEEEeeling Goooood. Woo-hoo!

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  1. Keep up that positive attitude gorgeous, you’re doing a great job of it!! Enjoy your day of food and just have an amazing week in general. I truly love and adore you missy Wunna xxxxxxx


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