Let’s not be slow at Crimbo

At Loverboy’s alone, craving chocolate crepes and wondering what all the weird noises i can hear of doors opeening are? I’ve spent the day working, yet only to come home to find an email inbox filled to the brim with ‘not what i wanted to hear’ news. I’m not gonna let it bungle my b’wungle, in anyway. As a day, is a day and just as it dawns, after 24 hours it will be the past. Infact, as each second *tocks* forward..you are filing it into your past! I’m happy that i’m living mine the way i’ve always wanted. However, i really do HATE bad email inbox cyber mail. 🙂 It’s more the ‘not getting my own way’ that annoys me. Yet it’s Christmas, [ring bells here- down rum] therefore most things sloooow down during this time of year. I never knew why that was? But it’s true. Weird really, because with me being a December baby, i feel most powerful at this particular time!! (Only 10 days til i’m 30!!!) I feel as though no-one’s grasping my ‘ooh laa.’ GET WITH IT!!!

After work, i spent quality time with my Mum…who it’s the loveliest human being i know. Then i guzzled under a boiling hot shower, in order to get 4 layers of fake tan off my pretty sorry self. I am aware that this is not normal Wunna behaviour. However, my spray tan has made, my right had look remarkable speckly…like i almost have some severe and rather repulsive skin disorder. I look like a chav, who’s hand may have got burnt alive by gypos, who spit and everything. But i have ace hair! Does that cancel my disgusting hand out?

Not much has happened today, apart from a clairvoyant lady telling me that my path is lit with stars and i’m one of the luckiest girls she has ever met. I believe that 2010 was the year that i totally RE-FOUND my true self. A self that had been lost under a thick unhealthy smear of booze, glitter, sin and lipstick. Then dolloped off with a need to impress others, with foulness.  This year everything changed and i got my kitty cat booty together and i’ve never been stronger. There is not a single broken piece to my swagga and that’s an achievement. I’m 100% happy with my life, my surroundings, my world and my new changes. I can’t believe i managed it!!! Well done me!! (I have ‘Columbo’ the kitten trying to sit on my left boobie…whilst i blog. He can probably smell milk. 🙂 ) I love that i got excited by a handful of DIY fake snow today, whilst being surrounded by muscle men and grandads working out in mirrors. It’s like a fricking circus!

Other than all that (UGH i hate my email inbox, right now) i spent the day making my friend Mark dress up as

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