Let’s have a rant….

So, I still don’t like feet, but i’ve now decided that I don’t like tongues. No real reason. Just don’t like the look of them.

Men are still pounding at the door of my inbox with dodgy message, after dodgy message, after playful message, after friendly message, that turns dodgy, to the point where it is now musting over my image of boys with a ‘can i really be arsed.’ My Inbox is simply filled with lusty males…instead of the ones that can see, feel and love. (I’m very aware of that…incase you thought i was shallow enough to not realise. lol)

Now, I’m a confident girl. I’m made of the strongest glitter bricks in town! And i don’t even mean that in the cutest way possible. I mean it in the manner that I say it in..and that is I AM MADE OF THE STRONGEST GLITTER BRICKS IN TOWN. I think i’m a lot more together and a lot happier than people think I am, or want me to be. I’ve been through A LOT. An awful lot of EVERTHING. I’ve had a wonderful life, filled with ups AND downs…all over the world..and with thousands of faces, experiences and people tucked under my kitten belt. I know life. I love life and walked man paths. I’m happy..and my experience has made the one the acest girls you could ever meet. Don’t ruin yourselves or your chances, by sending me a willy pic, or just some shitty perverted message. Yeah, yeah..i get it…but i’m exhausted with it now. Have the balls to attempt to woo me PROPERLY, if you’re going to, as that takes serious man balls. A dirty message, or picture of your actual balls, can be sent to whoever your vodka intake decides you should text at 3am…which will be every girl in your phone! (:) Been there.)

Okay…relationships. I’m at my most powerful when i’m single, as there’s just ME. I’m filled with va voom. I adore love and i’m dying to be IN LOVE, yet i don’t mean that desperately. I mean, it in the sense of ‘bitches i’m picky,’ and after everything i’ve been through and the fact that i’m a MUM, (which is my most important role) you shouldn’t blame me for it. I work fast, as i like action and like things to develop quickly. That way i know if it’s right or wrong straight away. But yes, I’m someone that will fall for the man of my dreams like a leaf off a tree…and someday, he’ll strut on in, all shiny and perfect and sweep me off my kitten feet…forever.

I’m still flirty, fun, idiotic, but loving ever minute of being a glamour puss.

So far my Easter weekend has been all about FAMILY. It’s been AMAZING. I lived, laughed and loved every moment and inch of life with my babies, Mum, dad and brother…the entire time. I’ve had living room dance parties with the children, we’ve shopped, we’ve stuffed our easter choccie faces and we’ve loved. More than anything we’ve love every inch of being a Wunna. I’ve adored being Mummy today as it’s been easy…and it’s okay to say that as it honestly gets really hard at times. (Ruby is refusing to go to sleep and is currently laid on a black bean bag singing, ‘..this hit is that ice cold, Michele pheifer, that white gold.’ LOL. I swear, she’s like a teenager. She’s even starting to look like me now, which creeps me out massively. But yes, Junior, Ruby and I couldn’t be closer and simply because when we’re together…we can just be us our true little selves. Sometimes, it feels as though there’s a mad world swirling around us, but when we’re together, it still swirls, yet we’re solid like rocks, stable as can be…as the madness outside our bubble tornadoes. Wunna land rocks! I love them.

Lots of errand running and music has happened today. I’ve Kareoked. I’ve been in the shittiest elevators ever! (Nothing is worse than disgusting lifts. It’s not even because i’ve gotten used to bouji hotel life…it’s simply because Wakefield is GROTTY. Never going again. Damn errands.)

I’ve decorated. I’ve signed myself up for a Bank Holiday Sunday session tomorrow. I’ve glared at pics of hot model boys for kicks..and MY FUCKING STRESS RASH IS BACK.

Ugh! I was doing soooooooooooo well! But what has happened? UGH! It’s not back in full force. It’s only having a peek. I know why and it’s because i’ve worked hard, forgotten to play hard and not once had a full evening just on my own or having lots of fun in about a week and a half. Maybe 2 weeks?

I’m powered by good times, fun, people and life.

I went to bed early last night because I was shattered. But i still didn’t get alone time, as my family popped around, which is fine, yet, it left me feeling like i needed air. (I think it’s my inner Sagittarius.) I love them coming over….so it wasn’t necessarily that. It’s just a build up of lots of things…which i guess i’ve not actually bottled up, but haven’t had time to express. SO, i’m going on a Sunday sesh of drinking for have fun, feel free…and turn up to work the next morning feeling like shite. ๐Ÿ™‚ Everyone’s out…so it’ll be fun! I can’t wait. I don’t care how knackered i’ll be. Life is about living.


Other than that, i’m fine. I mean, I don’t like it when Yorkshire folk text in their Yorkshire accent. It annoys me. But only when they’re not just doing it for fun or laziness. When I see it, It really does make me wonder if they can actually write normally…? Not joking. Turn off.

I’m enjoying wine, scratching my boob, loving you, loving me and doing life. I guess, i’m just telling my story, from my own little eyes. Not that it makes a different when you scan every single human in the entire world..yet in MY WORLD, my eyes, my truth, my drunk banter….matters ๐Ÿ™‚ …and I know that.

Anyway, i’m too sweaty in this jumper, so i’m off to put some pjs on and guzzle more vino for kicks.

Happy Easter for tomorrow. Hope you ALL ENJOY, a big old Sunday session. x





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