Let’s have a catch up!

Oh my gosh! Morning! Morning! I’m here! I promise! Let’s go…

Okay, so I’m ever so sorry for the extremely poor effort, I’ve put into daily blogging during lockdown. But i deserve a teeny little break right? 😉 I mean I’ve written this little ‘shindig’ for over 10 years straight. Got a trophy and everything. I just fancied a couple weeks off to sunbathe in my spangly new, alcohol free body. (All the above paragraph is simply code for: ‘I couldn’t be arsed.’ Haha.)

But Yes! I’m almost TWO months booze free now! And although I miss sequinned bikinied pina colada’s & a salted rimmed margarita in the sun. I feel like I have a duty…because I’ve come so far! I’m feeling much much better. I’m alive. My fitter. I’ve lost weight. My skin is much clearer. There’s a glint in my eye. But most of all I’m happier.

‘Big Brother Rex’ is on his day hundred and something of sobriety…and because we’ve teamed up as buddies…(he’s like my alcohol free/detox mentor now..) and he’s been such a good friend through my life…since telly. Well…my heart won’t let me give in OR let us both down.

So here I am, Wednesday May 27th, lockdown 2020…at 8.32am, Yorkshire, England….in a kimono, by a cardboard cutout of a police car… without a single drippy droplet of golden rum, in my ‘temple’ of a system. Haha. (I’m laughing because I can’t even believe it myself?!? There was a time in my life where I think I pretty much made an extremely great living simply from going out every night…and cocktailing. Be it London, Leeds, or Hollywood. I feel like I’ve come full circle and spun around again for ‘showboat’ kicks. I’m genuinely impressed! I’ve nearly done 60 days! It’s bonkers! I’ve even dropped almost TWO dress sizes! Who knew my tummy rolls were Pinot Grigio!?!

I’ve also noticed that of recent I’ve been giving up a whole lot of things, haven’t I? Y’know, under a flag reading…

‘Challenging myself. Bettering myself…& shit like that.’

If I’m being honest I don’t know whether that’s actually the case or I’m just bored…emotionally tormented or…. I don’t know? I’m still in shock! Haha. Maybe it’s because I’m old now, so I’m finally what’s that word again? Oh yeah.. WISER!

2020 career wise, up until lockdown..Ofcourse…has been THE BEST year EVER! I’m missing being on set. I miss work. I miss being able to feel a character….tell a story. I miss hearing a director shout ‘Action,’ or listening to a crew fumble about lighting. I even miss ‘room tone’…and that definitely means I’m nuts. I miss being part of movie making…and the magic that comes with telling someone’s tale.

But let’s not dwell on that. As soon as this is over, i’ll get to catapult back into action, with my rocket boots on. That’s the good stuff.

However, alongside the good stuff, as somebody of you know…there’s been something really horrifically awful, going on behind the scenes….ALL YEAR…non-stop.. (Awesome!!)

It’s probably the hardest thing so far, that the babies and I have had to go through in our lives… Mainly the littlest…and that’s what breaks my heart. But we’ve been really positive, really confident, honest and strong. If anything it brought us even closer together & taught us a lot more about people and life.

Ruby & Junior are only young..and gosh they’re living their own kiddie dream! But they’ve also had to learn so much emotionally and fast, that they’ve accidentally become super balanced.

I mean, not everyone is as kind or as happy as you want them to be…Yet, that isn’t you’re fault, nor it your problem…as long as you stay strong and still beam in that ‘glow,’ the positive energy will bring you peace…At that point, once you’ve learnt the art of such…you’re pretty much invincible.

The stress finally comes to an end in 5 months.

It finally comes to a much happier end in 5 months.

We’re happy. We’re safe. We’re ignoring any ‘Tom Foolery’ that tries to become relevant in our land!

ANYWAAY! (…and breeeeathe.)

If you’ve been following my ‘socials,’ you WILL know that I have been TIKTOKING!! Haha. It sort of began as a cute banter joke between the beautiful Olympian Toby Olubi & I…But I’m three weeks in now…with over 600,000 views… (YES, I hit my half a million view mark last week…) and even though it’s moderately bonkers, I loving it!!! Haha.

Like I said, I guess a performer’s, got to perform and i found myself an audience…a delightful one that sends me love, from around the world every single second of the day. It’s almost wonderful. Lol. It’s certainly massaged little asian ego. But at the same time I’m just loving giving it a go…it makes me happy! Keeps me out of trouble. Gives me something to do!

I’m really grateful to every single person who’s taken the time to watch, enjoy, have a laugh with me and send me some love! You’re amazing and you make me smile everyday!

Go give my Tiktok a follow! I’m at @chrissiewunna1

So! What’s going on in Wunna land? Well we’re getting ready for Junior’s lockdown Birthday. On June 1st he turns 7…and we’re all really excited to celebrate! WE LOVE to celebrate everything we can! Even though we can’t go out and do our usual extravaganza, it still feels so wonderful, firstly because he’s the baby…and we baby the baby. Secondly because we have everything we need right here…home is certainly where the heart is.

He’s asked for a ‘Police car & Cocktail Umbrella’s’ theme.

Luckily, all kids themes are moderately camp…so I’ve got this down! Lol

We’ve also received delivery after delivery, on our doorstep every single day! It’s like Christmas!! So thank you to every single business, company, family member…..literally everyone who’s sending love, treats and kindness into Wunna land. We feel really lucky! We’re honestly so grateful…and yes we’ll be finding fun ways to show everyone what we’ve received!

I have a lot to tell you! I’ve commissioned art by ‘Faces’ (@facesorfaces) & I ordered a handmade sign by a good friend of mine @hazribo, which reads ‘Wunna Land.’

I’ll be telling you a lot more about both later! Yet please check into my Insta story, to see what’s going on through the day!

All my love!


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