Trash in a Kimono

Morning all!! Wow! It’s really sunny today, to say it’s November and England. However, i know it’s just one of those ‘it just looks sunny,’ moments. God is merely tricking us, into going out in our bikini’s so he can cop a quick look, rub one out, then laugh as we shriek with ‘it’s the fucking coldest day ever, and i’m probably going to die.’ I’ve already been outside, because our dustbin man couldn’t really be bothered to grab the trash himself today. (Haha) He seriously made me do it!! I think he said, ‘Ay Love, can you grab us that bin please, it’ll save me the walk!!’ I was in a purple Kimono dressing gown! I was in a purple kimono dressing gown, and heels dragging my own wheely binned trash to a dustbin man, to save him the walk. Doesn’t he get PAID to pick up peoples trash??? i should report him, but if i was a dustbin man, i’d probably do the same. He gave me a pervy wink. I gave him a not very pervy middle finger.

So I had one of those nights last night, where everyone decided to turn on me, and be evil. Like i needed it!! This was all via a phone call too. So yeah, it majorly sucks balls, as when you’re being a ‘fight back bitch’ (and i am one..i am never scared to fight my case) it’s always better to beable to SEE who you’re fighting with…so you can poke them in the eyes and stuff. Anyway, they had all turned over to the darkside and figured they would argue with pretty little me. I had a bunch of Angelenos say, ‘You’re different now, you’ve changed.’ I hate it when that happens, as it’s rarely me who’s changed. They just come up with magical situations in their heads, and GUESS how i’m thinking. Then i get yelled at for them guessing what i was thinking, even if they guessed it all wrong?? (Poor little innocent me…hahah…hardly!!) I think i said my fair share ofs ‘Your life is going shit, because you’re an arse…it really isn’t MY fault.’ Luckily, i’m use to getting yelled at. I’m in trouble the majority of the time! I have one of those faces that make people forgive me though. It’s called ‘charm.’ I live by it. You can charm your way into or out of anything. Good folk fall for it everytime. (Haha! You fools!!)

Anyhow, i’ve really only just woke up, and i keep having these random dreams of a face, that i’ve recently met. I’ll be dreaming about rainbows and marshmellows, then all of a sudden i’m in my bed, it’s dark, and when i turn to look at the otherside of my pillow…HE’S there, all smiley, like he’s just ‘humped it’!!!! I need therapy!

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  1. i dont know peopel could pipe to u chrissie as u are charming babe and i ti si obvouis why the dust man got u to walk it over a sort like u in a purple kimono dressing gown with heels on comes out the geezer thinks lovely darts i wanna try ot chirpse her i will get her to give me a hand i aint picking up her rubbish in fornt of her. i hope u have a lovely day chrissie take care me old china tada scratch xx


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