Let Me Play!!!

Do whatever you want, whenever you so wish and don’t let ANYONE else dictate the story of YOUR life. Some say i’m the awfulest of human beings and others bless me with the title of ‘Beautiful Genius.’ As long as they’re talking then you’re living your story EXACTLY right! Go forth and nuisance a little…(and do it in heels bitches.)

15 thoughts on “Let Me Play!!!”

  1. Aha, loves it.
    Adam, you love it too – deep down.

    “The fact I didn’t make it is going to be the worst thing in the world – ever. She could have taught me so many things – like, if I wanted to brand things and have my own little accessory line, my own little shoe range. I wanted to write a book about my life, and if anyone could teach me – it would have been her, right? She would have acted like a mentor.”

    What a darling you are, and I love that about you. I’d totally buy your shoes and accessories. And the book, when is that happening, dearest?

  2. I know you do, and that’s what’s so fabulous!
    I am making a “The amazing diva that is Chrissie Wunna” video right now, hopefully gonna bang it on Youtube when it’s finished. You look damn sexual in every scene you were in!

    Backing track is “We Made You – Eminem.” Could the lyrics be any more fitting?

    When you walked through the door
    It was clear to me
    You’re the one they adore, who they came to see
    You’re a … rock star (baby)
    Everybody wants you
    Player… Who could really blame you

  3. Aha, I equally adore you.
    I’ll be sure to post a link when it’s finished.
    You come out with some classic stuff, and it opens with that delicious quote from Paris: “Chrissie seems, just… hilarious!”


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