Leopard print and Pimp juice

Morning my gorgeous munchkins of October. I feel delicious today, to say i couldn’t sleep all night. I woke up at 4am, all sweaty, smeared in fake tan and wide eyed. It was like i was part of some Japanese floozy torture. Again i tossed and turned…and tried to get some shut eye…but life just didn’t want me to sleep. It kinda felt like i was the only one in the whole entire world that was up and well, when you can’t sleep it’s because you have a troubled mind!!

However, unnily enough, i actually feel GREAT. I feel much better, than my mopey last few days. I’m groomed, i’m in my living room, with rollers in my hair, 3 shades browner, eye makeup that could terrify any church going do -gooder and completely squeezed into leopard print. Most people would accesorize with ‘hottie’ or diamonds. (Wait? That’s me?) However, today…i’ve opted for the good old traditional cup of tea! I feel utterly delicious.Like a kitten!! A playful one, who giggles and  swears. Maybe i’ve been feeing down recently because i wasn’t glowing in my full ‘Glamour puss’ glory. Yet, what i’m prettymuch going to put it down to is a mixture of hormones and my boyfriend being rubbish.

Other than feeling *sizzle,* i’m also feeling feisty and rebellious, like i can do anything i want and get away with it, if i perfom it with a wink. I LOVE these Wunna days. I’ve cheered up. I’m marching forward and well not only are my eyelashes soo long that i can’t see under them (i don’t need sight…people see for me,) but today is the day i get to ‘in person’ confront Loverboy about our week of ‘far from fairytale.’

I spent the morning thinking about my exes and i’ve had some really awful exes…hot…but awful. When things have got to the stage of no longer being able to sleep, to the point where your 5am, is being dedicated to looking back upon ex-lovers and wondering if they were better than your current…you’re in trouble. Lol.

Luckily, i snapped out of it, i’m not one to dwell. I’ve had a hard life emotionally when it’s come to matters of the heart…but EVERYONE has. Anything that could’ve gone wrong with men, has gone wrong, but i don’t care, because i’m still stood here smiling, and holding trophies that aren’t only for tap dancing. (I love that i have tap dancing trophies!!) It’s funny how when you’re sad, or heart broken, for that moment, you think that you’re the only person in the world feeling that way. It’s hilarious. Once you feel it anyway, and then hurry up to your ‘happy place/happy hour/happy ending’ 🙂 things never seem that bad anymore. We’re humans we’re meant to feel. I’m a human of the DIVA sort. Nothing’s gonna get me down and if it does i’ve decided i’m going to hit it or burn it alive. Yay, to violence!

Anyhow…last night i called Loverboy (the current ‘handsome’ that winding me up) whilst he was at work. It’s usual call, nothing special. I expressed my lovely feelings of disappointment in him and it ended with a *hang up* (haha TEAM WUNNA) and an evil text from a pretty little Glamour puss, to a boy who really should be treating her better. It was pretty evil…so evil that i’mgoing to refrain from putting it up here.Woohoo!  Pimp Juice all around!

15 minutes ago…he called to arrange our day together. I still have rollers in my hair and was cold and distant on the phone. I told him i’d call him when i was ready. I’m actually just making him wait and because i still resent him from Tuesday. I enjoy how men think that they can make you feel rubbish, then just say ‘sorry’ an it all goes back to normal. NOT IN WUNNA LAND. If you hurt me…you have taken a little piece of JOY from me. It will not mend, until you have scooped giant handfuls of golden joy or ‘marvel and squashed it back into my system via the fine art of ‘action.’ Gifts work too. Therefore i’m not ready to back down yet and because when i was on the phone to him, he tried to pretend that nothing had happened. Yeah he sounded a little sad..but whatever, he had just woken up.

I’m wanting to spend the day mending our relationship, by rinsing out the ‘taint.’ He probably will try to talk about his new phone…and continue to laugh about his ‘oh so amazing’ Tuesday. If this happens, i’m not going to be happy and he’s gonna want me to be happy, because we are going to spend the whole entire day together.

I’ve missed shopping for this day!!! Therefore it better be good! I’m not actually gonna be a bitch. I’m just gonna be normal and make him feel like he’s on an exam all day. I have a great morning planned with my mother tomorrow, so no matter what i know i can go to town with it all and have a safe mummy exit! 🙂

I really hope you have an amazing day. I’m in the mood for fun, drama, excitement, rebellion, strutting, winking and an evening of X-factor.

Live and love the life you have. I’m doing it right here with you and cheering you on your merry way! I’m doing my day in leopard print! You should to!!


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