Lemon squeezy!

I can’t believe i’m up this early! I’m ready for work. I’m in pinstripes, diamantes and UGG boots. (Fuck it, i’m preggo.) AND on top of all that…i’m having a bad hair day. Period! I’m never worked an worse ‘UPDO.’ Don’t get me wrong, i’m the cheeky charm of ‘how to do it’ sophistication..with a side of trifle, so i’ll ‘work it,’  and you’ll all be doing it tomorrow. 🙂  Yet really now…must i draw so much attention to such a horrific hair pile up, that i simple THOUGHT would’ve been a good idea.

Okay, enough of the nonsense. Long day of work today. I’m up 2nd! Which makes a change. Loverboy’s already dragged his booty to work, relunctantly after a 6.30am alarm. He has some kind of exam today? It has something to do with driving? (I’d be ace at one of those kind of exams. I remember swearing at my instructor and hitting every thing i COULD hit, mid-three point turn…but on purpose in order to piss him off.) It’s greatness being the second one up for once. It makes me feel like life, love and finances are all taken care of and i merely need to roll over, pout and spend pences all day. Unfortunately, though i can’t help myself. I got up at 7am, simply to be his cheerleader, make him coffee and do that thing where you tell them they’re going to do great.

He never does that for me. If i have to get up..which i do EVERY DAY. He lies in bed until 3 minutes before and i have to leave making ME have to pack my bags, make coffee, feed the cat, cook a quick breakie AND all of this with my gi-no *bump.* It is ginormous now. I’ve decided i’m going to have a day of marvel. One of those really good days at work. Hopefully Pete WILL actually pass his exam, so he’s not all miserable for the ‘rest’ part of the day.

I’ve had a lot of time this merry morn, so i figured i’d peeky through some of your messages. I get messages form men, women and teens ALL OVER the world on a daily. Yet since being preggo…i’ve kind of had to put them on a ‘for later’ pile. What i do love about today’s juicy inbox of treats, is the fact that everyone thinks that now i’ve managed to make a man want to stay with me, for the rest of my entire life and purely because he actually loves me with all of his heart, instead of wanting to dip into my bank account, want a bit of ‘look at me’ or…tits. I’m now some kind of love guru. 🙂

It has taken me soooo long to get to this chapter. I mean, i’m 30, Cupid has FINALLY cut me some slack, i’ve rolled around in the sheets with many a ‘hero,’ romanced movie stars, losers, done it in the sun, under the night sky, in exotic lands all over this fine world…I’ve ticked off the marriage box. I’ve ticked off the DIVORCED box. I’ve ticked off EVERY box and constanstly moved and moved and moved in order to find my MR.Right. At 29, i found him…and i could finally take a breather. Infact, now i’ve read it…even i think i’m some kind of love guru. Lol. I’ll give you that!

I guess what i’m trying to say is, there’s no need to applaud me for having my perfect man.

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