Leeds, Loverboy, Shots and Rodrigo

Woke up this morning in a ginormous white sheeted Princess bed, in the executive suite of the Park Plaza (Leeds.) Room 1605…I think? Sharing my sheets was my delicious piece of ‘chunka hunka’ who i’ve grown to adore madly. ‘Loverboy’ and I treated ourselves to a good time. Three months is to be celebrated. Unfortunately i can often take celebrating a tad bit too far. I’ve never felt rougher. I woke up feeling half decent. If you EVER wake up feeling half decent after a night on the razzamatazz…you’re still drunk. The *hangover* has finally kicked in and yeah…i feel quite quite wretched.

Okay so last night, Pete and I checked into the Park Plaza. They upgraded us, simply because they felt it. We loved our room, we loved our bed, he put on a robe and we celebrated with white wine, laughter and pretty much anything. We have dreams. Big ones! We share them together and i LOVE that! Then he tried to make me do the dirty dancing lift. I couldn’t and didn’t. (I don’t enjoy being lifted. It reminds me of how heavy i am…. Unless i’m drunk…then i’m like ‘Lift me! Goddamit!) I like that before Pete goes out, he always works out a little. DELICIOUS! I think we stated that our fi=airytale…if i can spell it? Lol. I do mean FAIRYTALE…. love is based on looks and lust! It’s the best kind!   🙂

Long story short, we decided to go out and make ‘good time’ under the night sky. The night began at Queens court, (One pound drinks,) and yeap after two double Malibu’s probably about 5 V.Ks, wine, 2 sambuca shots and glow in the dark teeth…we were well on our way to future regret.

We sauntered off to Revolution simply for another shot, and danced like old people at a wedding…just because we could! That closed at 1am…therefore the party gods kicked us back to our £1 a drink location…Queens court. By this time we were steaming!

All i remember was venturing to the very back of the club, being on the dance floor, they’re being people dressed up at Scooby doo, nuns and Grannies, then after a boogie, me watching someone dance on a silver poled podium and thinking i should do that too! I tottered as fast as my little toes could totter (and totally did 80’s dance faces at people,) managed to climb up a ladder staircase thing, launch myself onto the podium and do hoochie pole dancing for the masses…who didn’t care  because they were all gay! The only good thing about that moment for the gays, was the fact that ‘Loverboy’ was now girlfriend free for a moment, meaning they could all grab his arse and try to pull him. lol (Yep, everyone hated me last night for some reason?? I don’t get it? I’m punished for the crime of sexiness! I’m tangoing through a rather odd phase, where no- one dare talk to me, or people assume that if they do, i will eat them alive?)

Lots of love, lots of dancing, lots of drinking and lots of nuisancing. So i’m on the dance floor, rambling on about something or other to Pete and wiggling…and who do i bump into…my little treat Rodrigo from Big Brother! he saw me being a hoochie on my podium of ‘pole’…paused…did a double take…and said ‘Omg…is that Chrissie Wunna?’ He found me on the dancefloor immediately and from that moment on…we partied like no other beasts could ever much party party! I don’t think i have EVER drank so much…(apart from that one time when i was with Samuel and we lost our memories.)

It was shot, after shot, after shot after shot! Rodrigo, Loverboy and the Glamour Puss….oh and his friend, who again…seemed to not enjoy me too much! (lol.) All four of us got a bit carried away really. Tequila this, Sambuca that, Vk chaser for quids, followed by an absinthe shot! Ewww! HAHAHA! We were pissing ourselves. Rodrigo ( who i ADORE) would trick me by buying me a shot, telling me it was something normal like tequila…wait until i had downed it..(people always wait until i’ve downed mine, before they down theirs) and then with his deliciously evil laugh scream, ‘HAHAHA IT WAS ABSINTHE!!’ (It’s like paint stripper!) I swear, i was so drunk by this time, and chatting to anyone who’d listen that that bit of ‘shotty wotty’ got me good. My body completely rejected it and i ran to the toilet, slammed myself in a stall, did a wee..then puked (only a little bit) just on the floor infront of me! HAHA! Classy! Loverboy went to the toilet and because someone had placed a stinky poo on his toilet seat ( i guess he was in a cubicle) he made the executive decision to just wee all over the floor. It apparently started flooding underneath his stall into the other stalls. WE WERE THAT DRUNK!

Rodrigo was really POPULAR last night! Everyone wanted a piece of him…girls gays, straights and their Mothers! OMG! We actually got treated super well. Lots of not having to pay in places…lots of hugs and air kissing occured. I can’t even remember most of it! But we had so much fun! Rodrigo is a DARLING and i think i hit on about 32 different hotties for him! He gets shy! I unfortunately lack that bit of decency! (Shit i think i have fleas!)

We ended up at Chilli-Whites! It was packed, fun and after an hour or so, i was so drunk that standing up for too long a while became a bit hard! Danced wiggled, pouted…loved it, lioved it *OWNED* it. We left before it closed…ended up on the streets, i remember shouting loudly upon them and Rodrigo laughing is merry Brazillian booty off. I remember Pete getting worried because a guy was tryng to nibble his ear and then us ending up in MacDonalds and causing a scene. A good one!

I was running around shouting, Rodrigo was being noticed by everyone with working eyes, Pete was buying us cheeseburgers and i spotted a guy who looked like Ryan Goslings absolute twin! OMG from that point on i needed to announce to the whole of Macdonalds that it was the REAL Ryan Gosling (hahaha) and that I adored him….madly!

The rest is all in flashback from. I left Macdonalds with Rodrigo doing crying impressions of me from the  BBF show. I think i kept saying ‘Day 29 in the Big Brother house’ in a very poor Geordie accent. Something about wanking occured? His friend was still trying to pull ‘Loverboy’ and now the Ryan Gosling lookalike (who was camp) was linking arms with me! HAAHA. The more the merrier.

We walked back to the Park Plaza in the pouring rain. I don’t even remember it raining. When you are having such a good time that you do not realize the rain…you’re living. The doorman wouldn’t let us bring Rodrigo and his friend back up into our suite for an afterparty. So we shared the MacDonalds out in the hotel lobby, surrounded by neon pink rays, abused each other a little more and then i remember Rodrigo telling the doorman that now we were having to cancel our dirty foursome, before trotting off into the rain.

Loverboy and i elevated ourselves to the 16th floor, and passed out (yay, happy 3 months) in our executive bed. *Hanky panky* was great this morning. But yeah…i now feel like rubbish! Hurrah!

Oh…i’m going to be filming in Miami soon. *Excited face*

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