Learning Life As I *strut* along…

I originate from here:                                                               But was born here: (Woohoo)


We moved here:                                                                       But then I moved here:


I followed a boy here:                                                            But after a month, I came back here:


Years later  i moved here:  (Off the telly much)                Which made me move here:


Now i want to move here: (To smear a little Wunna Love)

I’m Chrissie Wunna.

..and i’m pretty much doing life. It’s my story! My way! My search for my ultimate love, adventure, stardom and ofcourse my entire delicious purpose. I’m growing up and i’m terrified, but i’m doing it all with *sizzle*

Add boys, booze, drama, with a tiny touch of mistake making!  www.chrissiewunna.com 

I’m the The Ultimate Glamour Puss of fierce kitty ‘OOooh laaa’…  Join Me. (But remember to bring a bottle.) *Wink*

4 thoughts on “Learning Life As I *strut* along…”

  1. Thankyou Andrew you lovely pot of ‘mmm…’ Yeah it’s just a bit of mildy drunken fun, and actually took longer than simply writing a blog hahaha

    I love you. x


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