Latin Lovers suck

‘Latin Lover’ just put his foot in it BIG time. Ugh! He pisses me off. Here we go….So he makes his daily calls to me, or whatever, and i usually manage to get the last one, as i’m running around most of the day. I enter this evenings phone call with an all happy, all bubbly ‘HIIIIII Papa,’ after literally running to pick it up on time, only for him to say, ‘Hey remember when we use to (blah, blah, blah…) on the (blah, blah,)’ sorry for being vague, i’m just infuriated. All i’m gonna say is, ( just incase you’ve ever had one,) it was one of those tragic moments when your lover, happily reminises about a memory you both shared together, except it wasn’t YOU in the was some other chick they boned, but they accidentally forgot to think before they blurted out their misty watercoloured memory!! Not cool! Right memory, WRONG fucking girl!! I’m so pissed off, that i am unsure as to how he’s gonna be able to mend this mess. Then he goes on about me snooping around on his computer in the past, (blah blah) just to turn the conversation into Me doing something bad, to get himself out of trouble, due to utter GUILT. So i’m forced to remind him, that it was a jolly good job, i did snoop, as what i found was an emailed message to a girl saying, ‘…i was with my girlfriend at the pool today, and thinking of you!’ (followed by a few, ‘hope your boyfriend doesn’t mind?/i’m not thinking naughty…yet! lol,’ (yeah, really funny.) Luckily, it ended up being a fake girl, infact a BOY who had been posing as this girl, to get men use to his website more frequently. I knew the boy, so it all came out! ‘Latin Lover’ has taken 10 few minutes, to think about what he’s just done. I believe he’s hoping i will calm down in that time….nice try sir!

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