Last Night

Last night was AMAZING! I woke up at 12.43 this afternoon, which is half making me think i’m a ’28 year old, thinks she’s still 18′ loser and half making me believe i’m GREATNESS to beable to still work my Va Voom. (God i’m starving. My hotel doesn’t do food!!)

As you all know, i partied with the Miss. Hilton and the other BBF’s last night. It was the first time i had seen the little lovelies (well some of them…lol) since the show. So although i was all ‘happy happy, silver sequins and winks’ it did kinda feel quite odd. And not a jolly old ‘odd’…a more this is fucking weird ‘odd.’ It just rockets you back to this magical land of ‘October 08’ and you think about all the things you said, all the things you did. It was so surreal, that it’s hard to get along with the BBF’s under normal circumstances!! (Haha…it could just be me!) This is sounding bad…but i don’t mean it too. Oh God!  I have a couple i’m very close to and they know who they are. Yet with some of the others i’m just kinda like ‘oh yeah…we did a show together…good times!’ Watch the show…it will all come to light!

Anyway, lets get to the good stuff! We partied at a Hotel for a few shots and pressie exchanges. I bought ‘P’ a gift as a ‘thankyou.’ I’m kinda grateful that she chose me as one of the 12 BBF’s. It’s an amazing experience and my Mother taught me that good manners are essential, so i gave her 2 little gifts…a ring and a fun bracelet thing that says ‘PARIS’ on in diamonds to say ‘Me thanky!’ I was a bit shy to give it too her at first, as i didn’t wanna look like a suck-up. haha! Then Samuel who i adore, had also come with gifts. So i thought, ‘Fuck it, lets just do it.’ We did and she loved them!

Next stop was the Nokia party. I just remember hustle bustle, the paparazzi going crazy around Paris. I remember being shoved a lot, being treated extremely well, a lot of grey goose, good times, seeing Dino (Zoo friend,) showing fredrick how to work a glow stick (i have many talents,) wiggling around Lady Ga Ga, whilst she was spinning, roped off VIP sections, falling off my too small heels at least 72 times, ‘Sanjay’ from Eastenders, meeting Mutya from Celeb Big Brother and very drunkly telling her she shouldn’t have walked off the show. She was cool, but probably thought i was some random drunk wannabe in sequins!! Lol.. (and i am.) Then i gazed my merry eyes on baby George Sampson!! Oh my god, if i have an illegal crush on anyone…it is HIM! He was in our little VIP section and i think i molested him with smoochies! Haha! He’s the cutest little thing and very obliging. Doesn’t say much, which is a bit of a drag and his ‘people’ were very eager for him to have his picture taken with Miss. Hilton. I tried to give him a shot…(y’know, the old ‘conversation and hennessey’ tactic)…but quite sensibly and since he’s only 16.. declined!! Even if he was 10 years older…he’d still be younger than me!! Makes me want to cry into a beer. I should have totally slipped him the tongue!

Had the GREATEST of nights! My life is changing. Its sooo fun, it’s soo surreal and i feel lucky! I wish it would last forever. God i feel hungover. I feel like a tramp. This socialite malarky is hard work. It’s kinda just like my life anyhow, but with a lot more added booze, smiling and waving.

3 thoughts on “Last Night”

  1. u are greatness chrissie dont ever forget that. paris should be thanking u for being on her show as u will be more famuos than her soon u are in my eyes babe. and the only reason i will watch it is for u as u are funny and a diamond and a proper sort. so i hope u feel less hungova soon and congrats on zoo i got it today coz u were in it and u looked choong and i am loving the new weapons by the way they are lovely take care chrissie tada scratchxxx

    ps im sorry if i offended your pals i just needed to let out my venom

  2. alright i just say things how i see em chrissie and i am always nice to u but if u dont want me to post i wont babe . im sorry if i let out steam and i will try not to nect time ok


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