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You know that when the last thing your best friend does is buy you a chicken kebab that you didn’t want and then call you a ‘Prick…you’ve had a decent night. I love my friends back home in Pontefract. Like these guys have known me for 15 years and more than anything i just really needed some good clean, Yorkshire fun after throwing myself head first into a pretentious London/Hollywood party scene…that i don’t even really enjoy too much as i’m nothing like most of the people littering the V.I.P tables. It doesn’t matter to me. I’d rather have a smile, beer and a booze up, around a barrel in Ponty. Infact, i like a good balance of ‘extravagance’ and ‘simplicity’, in my life and people who interest me. And the way to’interest’ me  is to be different to me. I love people from weird walks of life, who are happy.

In Pontefract (Where ‘Blame it on the Boogie’ was written)…the girls are girls, the boys are boys and everyone is hearts, soul and cups of tea. It’s warm, it’s inviting and well most are quirky, happy and really supportive of each others world. In the last week, i’ve had the life drained out of me emotionally…well so it seemed (it was like the worst pain i’d ever felt) and it was only until Friday at around 7.30pm, whilst i was on a train that i felt completely on top of the world again, due to someone proving to me that they had a heart. I’m happy. I am. Yet after a rough week, you just kinda need to have a little ‘You’ time, to refuel, recoup, have fun and glue the pieces back together. This is what i’m doing right now. It takes time and i’m going through a big, genuine change.

Last night i spent at The Counting House, it’s like a ye olde pub, built centuries ago and all i remember is being surrounded by some of the most geniune people i know, with amazing ‘take the piss out of each other’ sense of humours and having a ‘Peppa Pig’ tambourine that i had to fight off a doggy named Compton, after gleefully tapping it to The spanish flea song!!! I have great friends, who really refuelled me and made me proud to even know them. They stood around me like an army of drunk soldiers and really made me believe in people again.

There was a moment where one was suggesting a game called ‘spitting on virgins’ and stating that ‘you don’t look at the mantle piece when you’re poking a fire.’ (Hahahah…) And then all of a sudden everyone (well just Chris & Wazza) turned gay, got trollied, i remember waving my fist at all happy couples…(lol) but getting over it as i truely do LOVE happy couples. I think it’s amazing, when you see two people in love and bickering, or ‘in love’ and hand squeezing. I don’t remember anything else but not feeling drunk after really strong JD’s, boys slagging it for drinks (I love how guys are always like downing on girlies for doing that to men, yet whenever they can cope a free shot of whatever it may be…they’re complete slags) and being locked in around a giant ye old wooden table, with a fallen asleep person who was trying to make me roll up cigarettes, and each person trying to do a rap by starting with the phrase, ‘My name is…..’ Good times! Then i got called a ‘prick.’

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