Last Night

Okay, so Wednesday i presented the Pop-Rocktic event at Embassy, all boobies and winks. I was fun, and a sight to see. Yet i wasn’t neccessarily good at my job. LOL. I don’t think i’m used to being completely sober at night, in a club and having responsibilites, like introducing acts. It almost terrifed me. (Hahaha.) Even though i didn’t really get to talk to many of my delicious friends, (yet somehow managed to find the time to talk to a litter of handsome men) i had a really good time. My First time as a presenter. I ended up getting trashed with Samuel, who had mananged to make a dreamy PR dude buy us two bottles of champagne and a cosmopolitan. (We were doing champagne flute shots, with Martini chasers.) Then we tried to get into get into ‘Mahiki,’ but the door bitch wouldn’t let us in because she didn’t appreciate Samuels gay mans shorts, and because she’s an up her own ugly arse cunt of a whore, who later found out he was on TV and then proceeded to kiss butt. (Loser.)

We thought fuck it and ended up at G-A-Y, where we were deliciously mobbed by the Gays. They went crazy!!! Even fell over themselves.We stood on tables and danced. We stood on chairs and danced. We stood on gays and danced. I had a pint of cider accidentally thrown on me. LOL. But i love them all the same. I remember having a ‘slag tag’ on me at one point and watching 2 boys dry hump each other in my booth. The gays adore The Wunna because i stick to the motif of being a glamour puss with boobies, who was on the telly. I actually met some amazing lovelies. They couldn’t have been nicer to me. Maybe a bit too nice. LOL. Even bought me drinks with ruffies in. We took the PR man…he legged it after 10 minutes, after getting rather homophobic. He ran away crying.

Last night, i again presented Pop Acts, but this time at Club 20 in Kensington for ‘Pop Revue.’ I was again dressed as the most delicious hooker which raised my popularity with the boys (Oooh laa) and to be honest i was amazed by the talent. I was much better at it, second time round. Got dressed into outfit 2 rather quickly mid-presenting (in the toilet) then ran off to Embassy (late) for the Official Big Brother 10 launch party, by Ok Magazine. Best. Night. Ever. (But a bit too busy.) It was littered with ever reality tv contestants alive, socilaites and tight dresses. I met up with my darling gay Samuel who was chilling in VIP with his exes, ex, ex, ex or something and well i’ll skim the rest…

Saw DJ Talent who tried to make out with me…he tries to do this with most and without your permission. ( I didn’t oblige.) He got turned away from the VIP, but then after he got on the mic and did his ‘BGT’ rap that only Sam and I seemed to be dancing to..(everyone else stood and looked bored. Hahaha,) i later found him upstairs in the VIP making out with four different girls at one time and one after the other. All they wanted was a picture.

Met Big Brother Rex (and girlfriend Laura) , who i know anyway and simply adore. He’s a really awesome guy, and lots of fucking fun. Had a GREAT time with them, smoking, drinking, and talking to Billi Bhatti who was telling us and the News of The World all about his alleged affair with Katie Price. (He had a t-shirt on stating she was a tart.) I looked up and Rex was swigging vino out of a bottle and Greedy Mo was leaning over me whilst reaching for cigarettes. Big Brother Bex (who i love) was outside screaming my name and Big Brother Jen, Darnell, and that blond one Steph (who everyone kept calling a slag) just blanked Me.

I had a drink poured down my dress on the dance floor, that Samuel smeared around my boobies continuously after telling me to wipe my spilt vodka hands on his cock. My friends Rachel and Matt had come up to party in London. The place was crammed. It was hard to find anyone. Lots of boys chatted me up and well…i had a brilliant night. My feet began to hurt. I went home. I LOVE MY LIFE!!!

10 thoughts on “Last Night”

  1. it sounds like an alright night but alot of the recent big bro and the new lot are weird breeds they need a normal geezer in that gaffe or some one ream like u in there chrissie. have a mustard poets day babe

  2. What do you mean you weren’t very good at your job? You were bloody brilliant! We loved you, and the audience loved you! Everyone loves you!
    We cant wait to have you back again to do some more partying! xxx


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