Last lines, Hospital Mondays and Fireworks

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Hospital Monday’s suck! Especially pointless hospital Monday’s that take up your whole ‘before noon,’ when you can think of 100 other MORE POSITIVE & more vitally productive ways to spend ya time! Dilly-dallying is even better than HOSPITAL MONDAYS. But…i’m home now and well as you can guess, I don’t like hospitals, not one bit.

I even just had to hit my ‘pause button’ in life, breathe out (still in my updo,) put my phone down, turn the car engine off and just sit forward with my head rested, yet arched upon my steering wheel. You’re allowed these moments in life. You are, I promise. I wasn’t in any particular pain, or suffering from anything too torturous in that moment. I simply just needed to ‘hit’ pause and breeeeathe. I feel as though, I brave faced my entire ‘hospital Monday’ like a showman, with a smile on my face, making sure that everyone around me or all those who were tending to me, didn’t at all feel awkward, or at least felt lighter, or happier, by my presence. It sort of didn’t matter how I felt this morning..I just wanted to put on a show and make sure everyone around me felt…well great. I succeeded. This often ends is hitting ‘pause’ and breathing. The good thing about being an entertainer is that we’re plonked on this earth to make the masses happy. We enjoy doing it. That’s why we choose such a profession. It made me happier, knowing that I had made others a little more chipper on their rubbish Monday morning at work. I could even SEE myself doing ‘the show.’ I could only see it because internally it wasn’t really how I was feeling.

Then it got cold, so i went with ‘fuck this’ and ran inside as fast as I could. πŸ™‚ Breathing is GOOD. Sitting with your head on a steering wheel breathing is over-rated. I was so caught up in my moment that I actually didn’t even know I was doing it. But, I’m fine. I’m back and I NEED Β cuppa tea! Jack Frost is ruining everything today. How cold does it want to be???

Okay, so I’m happy my Mum had a great birthday. My dad surprised her with fireworks on the beach and mocktails under the stars, in boats, with 100 chinese wishing lanterns filling the night skies, as they celebrated the night away, with 50 of Mum’s Doctor friends, after the sun had set on South East Asia. Sometimes, I’ve thought that my parents bicker far too much to be a great couple. But now I look and I see how much of a wonderful couple they actually are. The bickers don’t seem to matter, when the good things happen. People in relationships don’t just do good things for no reason, they do them because they love you and want to make you smile. The good moments ALWAYS outweigh the bad moments and because they are so much more powerful. They’re the moments that matter and the moments that people treasure. The smart people will focus on those moments and keep them alive. The people who focus on the negative, fill themselves with doubt, hate and regret. My mum and dad. What a great couple! Great example set! I mean, we all nearly lost my dad a few years back and I think deep down when it comes to love, you have to make sure you don’t take it for granted and learn to understand it. I mean, what would you do if the person YOU LOVED was suddenly no longer in your life anymore and the very last moment you spent with them was ALL wrong and you couldn’t make it right EVER, due to them passing. That must be AWFUL! πŸ™ That’s why there’s fireworks, on south east asian beaches, for birthday parties, filled with Chinese wishing lanterns, family and love.

Looooooooooots to do today. I’m eager to just get this lash line sorted, so i’m emailing China back and forth, as i’m making last minute adjustments to the way the lash box is presented. I just want it to be right and well…the great thing is, that the people i’m working with are very very lovely and taking my bossiness in their stride. πŸ™‚

By the end of the year, I hope that the lashes are in a store. As f course, that would be joyous and a sense of ultimate achievement. I’m bringing a luxury lash line to you and it’s going to be affordable. All the ‘A’ list celebs are paying hundreds and thousands of pounds for the new trend that are mink lashes…which are the same as MY lashes. Yet that’s pretty ridiculous to me. Especially in this day and age. I want everyone to enjoy LUXURY, yet everyone to be able to afford LUXURY. We deserve it. It shouldn’t just be a treat for the wealthy. We all need it in life to just get by. πŸ™‚

My tag line is ‘The art of purrfection,’ which enables you to ’embrace your inner kitten.’ The whole point to ’embracing you inner kitten…’ is to find YOUR INNER STRENGTH, YOUR INNER WUNNA, YOUR INNER FEMME. It’s not necessarily about being ‘sexy.’ Lashes don’t necessarily promote just sexiness. They’re a celebration of womankind, glamour pussing and great peepers. πŸ™‚ They’re the windows to the soul after all. With MY lashes on you…YOU ARE ‘KITTEN.’ πŸ™‚ You are a graduate in the school of glamour pussing. Only strong females need apply. πŸ™‚

Right now, i’m squabbling about the size of the magnets for the lash box. I want them to be more invisible, so i’m moaning to China to get them right. They’re doing a great job and I do feel bad because i’ve adjusted SO many things with them on a back and forth basis…daily. πŸ™‚ I must be their favourite by now. πŸ™‚ But whatever, at the end of the day…it’s got to be right. I’m paying for them to be right AND I want them to sell. I can’t sell something that I only feel 80% about. Even 95% about. They need to be 100% Wunnapproved. πŸ™‚ I don’t want to ver do it, which is my forte, as i’d make them tacky and I’m the queen of ‘tacking’ it up. So, i’m finding it hard, but doing it anyway and keeping the line as simple, yet stylish, yet glamourous and fun as it can be..all at the same time. Classy, but still WUNNAFIED!

So, first i have some lashes for sampling, which will go out to the magazines, pitch meetings, celebs etc…Then I have the first batch for sale ONLINE, or by hand via moi…which I am going to class as my ‘limited editions’ as they will be the first lashes from my lash line EVER SOLD and they’re all get signed by me, with a certificate of authentication AND with a verification stating which number that particular pair of lashes and lash box is, out the limited edition crew. Β *Wiggle-Wink.*

I’m also going to have a pre-order list. So you can order them before they are even released, ensuring your pair of the limited editions is safe.

Then it’s press buzz time.

Followed by proper online shop opening, salons selling them, hotels selling them…and alongside events and trade shows, finally by the end of the year A STORE!

If it goes well…it goes well. If it doesn’t…then I tried. I can’t see it not though. I’m confident in the product and in my dream coming true. πŸ™‚ It happens.

Love you, x











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