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Okay, whilst working over the last 2 days i’ve had 24/7 quality time with ‘everybody loves him’ Lashes. Now i’m a single chica, with a bit of the ‘ooh laa’ ruining through my veins, who loves being a girl, FREE and well more than anything else i love a good time…but this boy is being far too amazing for me to pass off, as a mere passing ‘adventure.’ He’s cleverly tricked me into feeling free, but kinda being with him at the same time. 10 points!

I’ve known him for 3 months now and he’s still here, being all delightful and manly and gorgeous and ‘oooh.’ And i don’t know what i’m supposed to do?? Like i’ve never met such a good ‘fit’ into my world. I spent the last 2 days with him straight….24/7…doing really normal things, after we’ve worked, or worked ‘it’ together. And well last night, we were laid in bed together, as we always do, watching ‘Prison Break,’ followed by ‘This is it’, and well it was odd because i’m quite, ‘little girl’ shy around him. I’m not used to having such a MANLY man, (well i am, but it’s been a while) and well he brings out the ‘innocence’ in Me. I had no face on, and with a pillow on his lap, i laid on him, watched TV…he stroked my hair, gave me baby sized kisses on my cheek and i fell asleep on his lap. (Aww….) As he ate Monster much over my head.

He has the sweetness of a gentleman, but the aggression of a mans man, yet on the same strand, when it’s time for a bit of a ‘rumpy, rumpy ooh er’ he’s soooo purrfect. Like we’re having the most sensual sex ever. He makes me feel sexy and like i actually WANT to pleasure him, instead of feeling like i should just go through the motions, and pretend i’m having the best time ever. (You’ve all done it.) Plus, he likes a good time. He drinks rum neat. But due to his profession, knows how to be sensible.

Now i’m not looking to tie myself down to anyone right now, as i have far too much ‘WOOHOO- Fabuloso’ going on in my life, to sort of risk it on a distraction like a man. But he is FIT, grown, treats every girl with the most crazy respect and is basically ALL MAN. (Like he can fix things and everything, and gets all excited about football, and work.) I’m not used to it. I think i’ve been hanging around the wrong type of men, or the ones that can be catergorized as a bit gay. Like the last one was a bit gay. He’s reliable, calls me everyday, tells me i’m beautiful, relaxes me, and is amazing in bed. And more importantly is a positive being, a problem solver and oddly thinks i’m cute and all kinds of silly.

Like i’ll lounge around at home, in my black bra, peach satin PJ bottoms, sunglasses and ‘ooh laa’ and he’ll be tucked up in bed and we’ll watch romantic movies like ‘

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