Laa Laas, in my Chinky Winky!!

So i am feeling much much better, when i should be feeling worse. I didn’t get that job, that i really wanted…the singey, dancey band one, but i’m not bothered, cos even though they don’t love my ‘look’ out here in good old England, (well they do, but not in the right way…hahahaha) they adore it in LA!! I was told my look is too ‘sexy’ to entertain 2-10yr olds….and you know what….they’re flipping right!!! I guess i’m only use to entertaining boys and pervs!! (hahaha!!) You  win some, you lose some, and even though it does make you feel quite shit, (and i do feel a bit shit) i am definitely more ‘Playboy’ and  a lot less ‘Teletubbies..’ mind you, i could probably do a few tricks with ‘Laa Laa,’ and my Chinky winky!! ( yeah..we see why i didn’t get the job!! Lol!!)

Anyway, like i said for some bizarre reason i’m happy now, and life is good once more. The turbulence at home has smoothed over quite nicely and i’m looking forward to the rest  of the bloody evening! I have no idea what my life as in store for me, but i know it’s something good!! As for right now, i’m back to getting my boobs out for the boys, and giving it the old ‘ Ooh laaa…’ Someones got to do it, and i guess i do it rather well!!! (I’ve heard the rumours!) I love my life and i love being able to be ME!! I think that’s why i’m happy, as now i can breathe and not have to fit into someone elses tight guidelines!! I always end up bulging out of them and getting a spanked bottom!! I do ME best,  and weirdly it’s been my talent…and a good one!

 Now, where’s the booze bitches??? (ooh it feels so good to beable to say ‘booze’ and ‘Bitch’ again, without being scared the wrong people will read it, and NOT give me the job. They didn’t give me it anyway ‘Booze’-less or ‘Bitch’-less…if i had known that i would’ve written way more delightful blogs!!!!)

Moral of the story, don’t give up BOOZE or being a BITCH, for 2-10year olds!!

4 thoughts on “Laa Laas, in my Chinky Winky!!”

  1. Were you mon itoring you language and tonng down the sexual content of these blogasms? I never notived! 😀

    …apart from the absence of Topless Tuesday and Naked Friday.

    can we have them back please? And thrown in a Bare Arsed Sunday also???



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