‘L’ is for Love

Well…what a day. (I’ve just done a sick in my mouth after a marvellous combination of chicken soup, red wine and a far too high pitched baby monitor alarm test. Woohoo! 🙂 )  I’ll also tell you that today i’ve hit miraculous blog hits and have no idea why? Yet i’m not one to complain about the adoration, therefore i’ll adjust my boobage and tell you the story. ( I am a bit drunky, but before you all grab your ‘judge me’ batons, Ruby is already in bed, fast asleep and cozy.)

Okay, this weekend, i went back to Pete. I was till filled with hurt and overflowing with anger. But I went back, for the sake of my little girl and well because, as much as i deny it, I love him. Well I don’t actually deny it. I just hate it when he makes impulsive little boy decisions, whenever his interferring nuisance of a family *snoop* in.

Anyway, I went back to him on saturday, after a big day of shopping, being told that the cake girl lady remembered me from Big Brother? Hmm…? AND my little girl was exhausted from being ‘awwed’ and ‘coo’ed’ at for being my little ‘Hong Kond Phuey.’ (That’s what my Dad calls her. When she’s mad she does karate chops and ninja kicks.’ I adore her.)

Pete and I had talked on the phone and had agreed to certain consequences. I mean, i wasn’t going back unless he fully agreed to my terms. I’m a Glamour Puss, i don’t get toyed with, without you paying a price. I finally believed that he had learnt his lesson, therefore i cautiously edged back, and that evening ALL we did was FIGHT. It was awful!!! I regretted every moment of moving back. I wanted to leave all over again. We slept in seperate rooms and I did that thing where you rudely dismiss everything he says and simply out of hurt.

Then came

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