Kitty Queen in Cold & Amazon Kindles

Just got home, only to get picked up and then be travelled to my second home by a ‘handsome’ in a brown and beige stripped tie! TODAY it snowed!! Quite oddly i enjoy snow, for being a kitten of heat and exoticity. (I’m currently being distracted by Loverboy, who is moseying around in his work trousers, NO shirt AND chicken! I’m dazzled by his ‘muscley wusclies.’ Yet i’m finding him ultimately adorable because he’s doing that face that boys do, when they pretend that they don’t know you’re watching their rather flaunted bare body. At least he’s bothered about impressing me. I like that. I’m beginning to LOVE a good body on a boy…which reminds me a hot blondie bundle of kitty cat, in pink ear muffs today, told me she had sexytime with a skinny boy and it just felt wrong. ‘Blondie bundle’ is a whole lotta woman…in a good way. To her, there is nothing worse than monkey straddling a pair of chicken legs, doing *ugh-ugh* faces at her. I find it hard to get jiggy in the winter. I get far too cold…and no it doesn’t warm my little cockles up.

I’ve again worked ALL DAY…and hard! I’ve been rammed with ‘omg, where are you’ messages from you all delicious dips of *yum yum.* Yet i’m juggling so much right now, that i just don’t have as much time as i did before. I am however reading ALL of your messages and well for Crimbo there will be a lot of Wunna treats for you all to *wiggle and wink* or build magical shrines fo glory with.

I’ve literally spent the whole entire day freezing to death. I was soo incredibly cold, that every single limb in my entire body seems to have completely ceased up. I can’t even walk, for having to waddle. Being preggo and insanely cold, in a knitted baby pink dress really is utterly tragic. I do not function in freezing temperatures. My brain refuses to work, my legs refuse to work, my heart refuses to work (i become immediately grumpy) and i begin to poke at innocents with verbal sticks of humourous abuse. I don’t like it one bit AND i’ve managed to completely lose my appetite. I’ve eaten a muffin ALL DAY. Nothing more, nothing less. Infact, Loverboy’s just tried to make me eat a chinese chicken bowl of rice and it’s been shunned by the Glamour puss herself and because i just can’t eat when i’m cold. I feel stressed, irritated and emotional right now. I need a moment of ‘chillax.’ My mind is currently burdened with rather heavy loads!

Anyway, other than all that, needing to relax and enjoy tiny bits of finger food. I’ve thumbed through a bowl of sequins and glitter. I do this to calm myself more frequently than you think. I’ve thought of more business options for me to attempt to conquest. I’ve sat on a bag of prawn crackers, that Loverboy then ate with chilli sauce and i’m now tired of being FAT!!! OMG!! When is this baby coming OUT, goddamit!!! I just can’t handle being wumbo-jumbo ANY MORE! I mean, i’ve just waddled around Asda, ( i hate supermarkets that aren’t

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