Kitty Cat Madness

The circus that is my life. Holy b’jeeze. I’ve been at work all day. Enjoyed it. Tinkered with another office Glamour Puss ‘Kelly’ who i can’t help but adore. We hair-toss, do clevage and then i’ll dabble with a bit of PR, as she tampers with a whole lot of accounting. Then we glamourously discussed life, men and how we’ve managed to whip our fellas into shape, after a jolly good lump of male non (Unlike a couple of young ladies that we know.) I think Kelly’s lived a really similar type of life to Me. We’ve been through marriages, divorces, the high life, the low life. Ups, downs, roundabouts and had to start from the beginning over and over again. But we did it…EVERYTIME! And we look like the hottest bitches in town .*Wiggle-wink* I learn from her, she learns from me. But I admire her, because we both are women who know how to love, we know how to live and know how to share strength. Plus we tick the same age box. The older you get, the more and more you feel GLAD to finally be a grown up and appreciate those of the  same age. There’s no random ‘little girl-little boy’ drama. There’s a bizarre sense of respect. But anyway, both Kelly and I are extremely young at heart, glam, tanned and ‘get life.’ We’re pusses of ‘ooh laa,’ chicas that hail from under a society sign reading ‘HOT.’ We’re both mums and we’re dazzled over with a decent sense of humour, that’s sprinkled with a wicked edge. *Throws you a  faux fur.* I’d never thought i’d say this, but I’ve never been happier than in the year i turned 30! Although i’ve still got the nipple tassled *shimmie* in me…i’m kinda a better version of myself now and dollies i’ve never felt more powerful.

Even though Kelly and I have been rather *wink*-factor and delicious for most of the day. There was a point where boredom sponged it’s way into our system and i found myself trying to find Pete’s biological Mother, whilst Kelly made the executive decision to hunt for a childs ‘batman’ outfit, before we both claimed we needed to go on the Flabelos.

Good day on the whole. Missed Ruby madly. Plus my mum and dad got back from their holiday in Burma today. I love my folks. When i calle dmy mum after work, she giggily expressed how wonderful it was just to hear my voice again. What an amazing mummy to have! I’m a lucky girl. Hence why Ruby will be too!

Anyway, as soon as i got home, it was like some crazy Wunna-circus had occured. I mean, i adore Pete to pieces. But he’s sure as shandy lost without me. I’m gonna have to kick him back into shape again i think! Lol. I mean, as one of my friends, has a partner that won’t talk to her, and sleeps with other women and Kelly has a ‘handsome’ who sends her text messages reading, ‘I am soo in love with you and so lucky to have you.’ However, today is the day that MY bit of ‘Loverboy’ wanted a frickin’ kitten. We have a kitten. I mean, we now have a baby for crying out loud. I’m a flipping KITTEN. But no…his old kitten, needs a new kitten, because he’s lonely? It’s like dating a 4 year old girl.

In our relationship, i’m the boss man. Yet it’s weird because i’m the Ultimate girly girl, yet with a definite masculine streak. Pete’s a boys boys..yet has a tender dollop of feminine sensitivity. You’ll walk into our living room and see Pete sewing his trousers, whilst watching ‘Top Gear.’ Yet find me, dolled up to the boobie nines, eyelashed, bronzed and delicate. Yet i’ll be all bossy, shouty, laid back at the same time and money making!

We’re now doing this thing where if he goes out drinking with the boys one night, i get to go out with my friends on another. He’s been out a few times recently and i don’t mind. I have too…yet he doesn’t LOVE it. He just pretends he does. Haha. However, there’s no double standard allowed in Wunnaland. Whats good for one, is certainly good for the other. 😉

I’m off for a girly dinner on

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