Kitten roll..

Good morning my delicious wiggles of giggle! Life is great today, even though i did manage to miss a step yesterday, during a mid-kitten strut and then ungracefully slide all the way down the stairway screaming and pulling ‘ooh’ faces until I hit the bottom. ๐Ÿ™‚ Very Wunna. I’m a champion. Don’t hate. The ultimate QUEEN of GLAMOUR.

I’m getting loads of messages from chicks who are ‘Wunna’ fans who are going through massive love life dilemmas. Their men are being boys and in love, that can be a problem. I just don’t think girls need additional sons. We need MEN. Grown up, hard working, lovingly romantic, put their lady, first kinda men. The stories are mildy heart breaking, yet what I noticed about each one is that really…they all told the same story. Same story, different faces.

All I’m gonna say because i’m all for woman is that SUCCESS is your sweetest REVENGE. Concentrate on YOU and making your dreams come true. Do something productive with your time, rather than waste it weeping into empty gin glasses, as mascara rolls down your cheeks and your falsies dangle off ya eyelid. (And I do mean eyelashes when i say ‘falsies’ and not boobs, as that would be a little awkward.) Be empowered! Rock and kitten roll with it! The world is a big place an as I noticed the other night, we’re just wiggling in this big earth ball that’s suspended in the sky. It ain’t that deep/ ๐Ÿ™‚ Have fun, love those who care, make your dreams come true and make YOUR MARK. If a guy loves you, he will always love you and come back. If not…you will have used your time wisely and *KAPOW* when he returns you won’t be bothered because you’ll be sat on your millions with every guy under the sun wanting yo to be his ‘forever.’ (God. That ‘wants to be my slave’ guy has just messages me again. Lol. EVERY TIME. I currently have the NEW ‘Real Housewives’ as background noise. It comforts me no end. It’s the OC lot and well there is nothing more that I adore than The Dubrows! They built their house from scratch and someone’s knocked on their door and asked to buy it…*wait for it*….buy it for $16 MILLION. Heather’s husbands a surgeon, so he’s agreed to it and bought a new plot of land to build another brand new house on. Easy as that! $16 million pound. Sorted! And I enjoy Heather because she’s real and like she stated, she’s the kinda girl who isn’t attached to ‘STUFF’. When i say ‘stuff’ I mean material objects. I’m that way also. I can leave anything material behind because i know what’s important in life an well..i’ve pretty much grown up over the years having everything and anything that I wished for…even from childhood. It’s wrong to be attached to ‘stuff’ because ‘stuff’ doesn’t matter. It always ‘urks’ me out when I see people crave over their material objects and not be able to part with them, as they weight up and almost value it up against family or even love. It’s okay to want the pretty things in life, as long as you always remember what truly matters in life. $16 million..just like that. SEE! There is money out there, if you work hard for it. Don’t waste your time. I’m gonna get my chunk of that pie by ‘beauty lining’ it! ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s all very exciting.

So today…i’m sorting out the ideas for my shoot. I’m reshooting for the website and shooting my ideas for the ‘Chrissie Wunna’ beauty brand. My initial product to pop out are the false lashes. So i’ve got to think of a creative way to make people GET what they’re all about! Glamourous, fun, stylish, classy, and WUNNA!

I either want it to be different or just so beautiful you can’t resist it. I’ve chosen the photographer. I love this part of the process. Picture taking is something that my body seems to adore. ๐Ÿ™‚ I shoot quick because it’s the best way and i’ve done it a million times. I just need to make sure that ย I make the most of my time. I’m gonna have to drawn out my ideas. Something that represent me well, yet is timeless because we all know I can get a bit carried away. I don’t want it to be complicated. Just ‘Wunna.’ I wanna hit that million dollar mark!

I’m gonna book in for the middle of Feb, I think. That should give me time..if I work hard. (Gosh, I’m just reading an article…yes at the same time as blogging. I’m a chick, we can multi-task. Kayne West is going to give Kim Kardashian $5million for every baby she has for him!! Holy Moly. That’s a bit snazzy. On ‘Jeremy Kyle’ the women are either getting a slap or an STD, then sent home with no child support.)

I’m addicted to drinking Earl Grey right now, but it just doesn’t have the same coffee KICK IN THE BALLS. I’m half asleep. The good thing is that Junior is sleeping well, now that he’s a crawler. However, and as always RUBY spent the evening NOT sleeping and instead CRYING HER EYES OUT. Yippppeeeee for Mum! Lol. I’m knackered and still sending reports to America for Chase. I’m also discussing my costs with China, which is mind boggling, but important! I keep getting my skates on but i need to remember that it takes more haste less speed. I can’t rush this. It has to be right! ย I’m also having to find out all the demographics of the shows that i’ve been on. Ugh. Hard much. I’m only used to wiggling and winking.

PLUS, I have to book time in the recording studio! Jeepers!

I’m excited for it all and I want to encourage you all to set your mind to something and get it done! It doesn’t have to be work, it can be anything. Be it having a baby, losing weight, eating more, loving who you are, drinking less, having more fun…learning to drive. Anything. Quit arse sitting and grab ya glammy kitten heels and full on embrace it.

I have so much work to do. OUCHIE!

Oh and remember ย a comment that was posted on here aย few months ago by somebody who thought they knew everything…after a very normal ‘love life’ blog. The comment sort of made fun of me and laughed in my glitzy face suggesting that I didn’t have fans… #weweepforyou


These are the countries of the world that READ my BLOG in 2013. Yeah…FANS. ๐Ÿ™‚ All shaded areas are blog readers, the darker the shading…the higher the number of readers! UK and USA! #justsaying There’s a difference to speaking your mind, when you know the facts and just making your self look silly by blurting out rubbish, when you don’t know what is actually happening or even nearly part of the truth.


Wunna land. ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you so much kittens. I adore you! Have a great day.


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