Kissed it better

Just had a quiet word with myself and realized that i’m Greatness…so alls good now. I’m forever chipper and as good as can be! If i’m honest i’ve had a little bit of friend therapy, from my spiritual life coach again. I’m being told that whenever everything is almost fairytale ‘too good to be true’ in my world, i try and plant problems out of fear and insecurity. Right now, i have absolutely nothing wrong. I have a career on it’s way up, a dream that’s right this second being materialized. I have the most perfect boy of ‘lover lover’ who wants to spend the rest of his life with me and more importantly i have the greatest gift that any girl coul ever have a coming…and that’s my baby.

Having nothign worng in my life, freaks me out! I get scared and think the good lord of fuckery is gonna put a spanner in the works and turn my carriage back into a pumpkin. Now, i’m not delusional. I know that nothing lasts forever and i know where i am right now in life. I’ve been playing a very patient game and well now that it’s all being giving the *green light* for the first time, in a longtime…i’m actually a bit scared. I just can’t believe my luck and i don’t mean just career wise, i mean with my love life and home life and world. It’s truely from the bottom of my heart nothing short of magical. It’s so wonderful that it’s finally simple and when you keep things simple…everything just seems to slot into place with a greater ease.

 I want everyone to feel the way i feel and i want all of my kittens to have a pure dream come true. I just told my life coach that i was scared that my book wouldn’t sell and well, all she said was ‘everyone loves a true story.’ I’m gonna go with that because it just makes me feel better and well i need to stop being insecure! My tan is far too *feist-a-lot* to be all humble and thumby. I need to *strut* and work this like a Queen.

Anyway, that’s all i needed to report, as i do need to get ready. I have hanging out with Petey to tend to and right now, i look like Jackie Chan…and not even in drag!

I’ve also been having a bit of a giggle with Google. I haven’t Googled myself in ages and well teh things that the world come up with are genius! (Which reminds me to telltyou that Wazza is a life-saving, Kebab eating Wizard of Wunnage!)

I’m on some reality show celeb (waay down the list of glory) sites, some ’emo-love’ site, and a site that has apparently placed my actual back and forth Twitter conversation with someone called Jordan Kingsley, yet it’s had to be removed because i’m not a pornstar. (‘note: @chrissiewunna is not a pornstar so we can’t show their tweets.’)

This whole pornstar thing humours me…because men just want me to be one and can’t face the fact that i’m not. There’s no ‘Wunna does Wisconsin’ tape. I promise you i am not double penetrating anything for a couple of quid, in a warehouse decorated like a dungeon. I’m simply a model, who writes a blog, who lived in LA, married a movie star, is now preggo and had a stint on a reality show, that included Paris Hiltons, then another one that made me talk about sex. (On Michael’s Wiki thing, in the place where he used to shun my existance, he now puts up that i’m his ‘spouse’ [in brackets] ‘divorced.’)

I’ve really come around from my past of sinning to being all happy, good, clean and dollfiied and i believe that i should be rewarded for that! Right now, i’m a decent role model.. there should be shrines of me and everything!

All the rest of the Googling was good, so it’s pointless me writing about it. I loe that i thought my new Twitter friends website was ‘’ It actually read ‘loveyourabs.’

I adore you all and because you’re all sexy!

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