Keeping our ‘bubble’ alive…


Merry Christmas Dolls! I don’t even know where to begin. They always say ‘at the start’ but when the ‘start’ begins with champagne flutes, clevage and giggles..the route to the end is quite deliciously a long one. *Wiggle-Wink* (Love you kittens.)

Okay, Friday! Champagne at Bar & Grill after pizza, rain pour, 2 girlies in faux fur and a table of old men pervs, with really bad jokes, who truely need to go back to romance camp. Luckily, that ended the moment, which oddly then led to pencil skirts, before a mad trip home, with me as the passenger, to get home and FINALLY see my freshly spray tanned ‘handsome.’ (Keiran and I are AMAZING right now. I’ve never felt so in love and for once in my life, i can look at a boy and tell him he’s my ‘perfect.’ Our relationship is built upon truth, love and moments. We can lay on a bed and talk about life like the bestest friends you ever did see, half naked, filled with hope, that is blanketted with laughter. Yet then we can cuddle under the stars, in what i call our ‘bubble’ and tell each other how much we love each other and how life really would be pointless without him by my side….he looked at me the other night, in the bed of ‘Turner in the Background’ and told me i he loved me and how i was his perfect girl. For those of you looking for love, under rocks, at the bottom of a pint glass, between the sheets of another, or even via the ‘number game.’ Know that one day it will come. I’ve dated a merry bunch of ‘loservilles.’ I could put Casonova to shame with a side of fries. However this time, i looked at the boy on the other side of the pillow and told him he too…was my ‘perfect.’ I’ll spend the rest of my life with him. I can’t wait to be his wife!! *Blushes*)

Anyway..the fun bit. Fast forward. It’s Mad Friday, we’re both grooming to regular old ‘off the telly’ dance tunes. I’m hair doing. He’s drinking and we’re getting ready to taxi it down to his friend ‘Adie’s’ for a night on the razzle, for Leeds and kittens..that’s just what we did. We welcomed the ‘Bierteller’ like no other group of people could..and my handsome and i we’re nothing short of the most loved up ‘TEAM’ ever. We didn’t once fight. The gloves were a ‘hung’ and the hearts were a thudding. When we work together, we’re unbeatable. I want to keep it that way and not let inscurity get the better of us. [Confetti shower here]

One of the best nights ever. There was drinking, bench dancing, weird little German band men, in what i thought we’re Norwegian outfits, clapping and stomping away to the craziest of ‘good clean’ times, with giant beers a smashing, laughter a raised, merriement taken up the notcho…and all in what seemed like a little tavern of good old times. I Loved it and well it’s one of those weird little things that bring good people together, when there needs to be a good ‘clink’ of a glass, a giggle and a wink.

Then two fatties decided to call me and a blond girl names, followed by a stare down and a hefty gallop onto our party bench. Not fun. Before you know it, it all got hectic…The fatties we’re getting yelled at by our male accompaniment…the old one was yelling at me, THEN  my very handsome counterpart got thrown out. (I enjoy a man that can defend my honour. I find it sexy. It makes me feel safe.)

I then left too…only to find him outside getting into another fight with a fatty. A big random man in glasses, who fancied a bit of fisticuffs, whilst calling me a ‘plastic’ by a green light.

It all got the better of us, so Keiran and i went to the comfort of Mcdonalds for burger love, before re-meeting our friends in ‘Fiber’ for a bit of a boogie.

Wonderful night! I felt MADLY in love.

We partied the night away, then everyone weirdly decided to go home. It was 2am. Keiran and I , shook hands with the Gods of party, found an old friend ‘Woody’ (who kept calling me ‘Chrissie Wunna,) along the way…and spent the rest of the night at strip clubs, finding ourselves home for good sex, at 8am in the morning. OUCHY! (We paid for that party. I had never been so knackered.)

The next day was spent recovering… yeah we might have visited a friend for a quick drinky, however we were both eager to get home and do ‘Christmas Eve and Crimbo morning’ with baby Ruby…

(Below: When it all went a bit German.)


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