Keeping it Yummy

Had sex last night! Now, i haven’t had a bit of rumpy in ages, due to my ‘Humpty Dumpty’ circumstances. (I don’t even know why I refer to myself as ‘Humpty Dumpty.’ He fell off a fricking wall. I drank pink shots at a big gay bar in Leeds and ended up pregnant? Hardly a nursery rhyme. Plus i’ve probably dated all the Kings men..and felt up the soldiers. They put me back together again…but broken.) However, anyway yeah. Last night Loverboy and I…enjoyed a bit of ‘Treat me like i’m a bad girl.’ It’s kinda weird when you try to be slutty during preggo sex, because it half feels wrong, yet you don’t want to be a bedroom dis You’re like, ‘do i continue feeling up my own boobies to a series of my own delicious slaggy faces…oh…AAARGH…THERE’

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