Keeping it Ooooh!

Evening kittens! You have my deepest apologies for a distinct lack of bloggage. But i’ve simply been strutting the heels of ‘Human Dynamo’ Meaning yeah..i’ve been busy, deliciously wrapped around with stress! Yay!

I did managed to grab myself a little pamper last night at 7pm. Being the Glamour puss that I am, who may wallow in luxury every now and again. I made the executive decision to *ooze* myself over with a stress buster massage, by a yummy blond named Tracy, who i simply adore…(not only because her therapies only cost £10, however also because she was tremedous with those healing hands!) This is all starting to sound a little lesbo, yet i assure you that it really was to ease my back pain away with Karate chops and mood music.

I felt mildy embarrassed because when i lifted my head up from the massage table ‘face hole.’ I left a delicious glittery ring of orange bronzer and TWO black slanty eyes around it. 🙂 Watch out..Wunna’s about! There’s always far too much evidence whenever i leave a room. However, luckily in life, it’s worked for me. Therefore instead of a cowardly look of embarrassment, i’m gonna go with a hair-toss, a bit of a swear and a  victory bow.

If i’m honest i’ve never felt more stressed than i do now. Life has turned into a down pour of drama. Yet without the glitter. But luckily the gin. I’m feeling mildy used. Not my favourite of feelings, yet it’s a phase i seem to belly dance through once in a while. It’s the beauty of being a ‘Wunna.’

Work is full on, and nonstop. The day job has become heavy duty! I have book meetings being scheduled and rescheduled, without people actually realizing how busy I am. (My Lit. Agent was mildy alarmed to know that i a whole 40 hours of my week already booked out and taken.)  I’m not really finding too much time for the art of being social, which i find hard, (even though i did enjoy dinner last night by candle light. I have a ‘to do’ list the size of a floozies frilly knicker drawer, i’m moving, i have LA drama  and i’m organizing EVERYTHING at home with Ruby and Pete!

At time you get loss in in all the madness. Yet this morning during my drive to work, i realized that i’m the key to everyone being able to make money? Hence why everyone’s flustering around me and making commit to their time. The good thing is that the fairytale ends quite greatly for me. However, the stress that comes with the success is too much.

I’m spending more and more time with my baby Ruby and simply because right now she’s the only thing that doesn’t want anything from me for her own personal gain, other than cuddles. I like that. We are closer than ever and one day, when all the work is done and all the pennies have been made, i’ll beable to slip out of my Updo and stillettos and be with her 24/7. Pete’s getting better and my family, (mum, dad and brother) are being nothing but a pillar of support. I’m lucky. I know that. I’m happy and i’m grateful. Yet I’m just looking for more balance.

Right now, i have wine…therefore the world is quite surely a better place. I’m really happy with where i am in life. I just need to pull the cotton wool brillo stress, out of my head and take it all with a pinch of glitter. Life really isn’t to be taken too seriously. Neither are people. (I always find people who take themselves too seriously rather tragical.)

It’ sall about fun, love and laughter and doing things YOUR WAY. The way you always wanted. I feel confident, bold and giddy and i’m refusing to let drama pile on me like a disaster. *Pings thong, gives you a wink.*

Ruby is in fits of laughter right now, so I must leave before Pete ends up being favourite parent.  He’s doing weird crap dancing and it’s proving to be impressive. I’m good at a bit of a boogie and well my ‘handsome’ although half black.. is crap, unless he’s practiced behind my back. Lol. I don’t want him to bamboozle my daughter, by making her think his way is the good way. Oh wait? Now he’s looking at me and pelvic thrusting with a pervy tongue? I’m not letting his Jackson 5, afro goolies come near me. I’m far too terrified that he’ll pull down his pants and his balls will blast out with a  melodic ‘Oooh baby, give me one more chaaaannnce.’ *Looks bimbo scared.*

Finally managed to Facebook banter with little George ampson again. Great guy! It’s been ages since we’ve managed to acknowledge each other. Life often gets the better of everyone. Yet nothing is better than memories and making them.

Keep it sexy!

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