Keeping it McSleezy


Keeping it ‘Easy!’ Keeping it ‘Sleezy.’ There’s always gonna be the Vixen in me, the ‘Ooh laa’ the ‘Sexy Lexy’…i’m just naturally built for pleasure i guess? No matter how ‘goody gum drops’ ‘i try to be, my system will always fight it in the end and remind me to keep this bitch of a life ‘Sexy.’ I’m constantly mopping and frantically cleaning up my act, but sometimes the act just needs a bit of ‘Filth’ to sail it into Greatness! (Any excuse for being a slag really!!) REJOICE! Sluts rock!!

Chrissie Wunna

7 thoughts on “Keeping it McSleezy”

  1. oh my god u look choong in them pics babe u got a body to fie for chrissie and u are a proper diamond i love your zzest and the fact u take the piss out of yourself it is a great quality


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