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Morning my precious lumps of giggle-fest. The sun is out and i’m feeling appropriately adored, therefore i’m glistening over with a wiggle of joy. Add ‘ooh laa’ to that pot of gold and you have ‘UMPH.’ I feel powerful today and i don’t even have my rollers in. *Wiggle-wink*

Okay, yesterday i performed my high class ‘Made by Primark’ fashion show. Not of the catwalk variety. But of the ‘Chrissie Wunna’ PRETEND catwalk variety, where you throw on anything you own that you have purchased from Primani…turn it into an outfit of ‘ooh’ and strut. My strut began by a kitchen sink and sort of ended with me bent over a black and grey sofa, in a tight leopard print skirt, GIANT hot pink heels, bouji red ‘only £3’ sunglasses and the most generous diamante chandelier earrings known to mankind, in the name of ‘rumpy.’

My jumble of Primark outfit, obviously ended up slaggy. I mean, that’s all that I was wearing, with maybe a bit of dignity. 🙂 It seems that Keiran likes tarty girls, because i tottered into te room all ‘Look at me, watch my fashion show’ and it all got the better of him. There was a ‘party’ in his pants, followed by a ‘party’ in mine.  I think I just rock ‘stripper chic’ well. Better than most girls and simply because i can make it look Hollywood glam, instead of Wakefield chav. In fact, i will say that slutting it up once in a while, or all the time really does wonders for your sex life. I actually feel most comfortable when i’m dressed slaggy-glam, with a side of attitude and ‘over the top.’ I love everything to be over the top and pour over the sides with luxury. Now i know you can do that on a budget. Thank you Primark. Only asian Barbie fashion show i know, that ends in a bonk and a ‘wipe up.’ *Wink.* (I’ve noticed that i can only do slaggy attire, or posh and n othing in between. However, they do say that what you wear, represents your personality. I’m no fence sitter. I’m ALL or NOTHING and once i’ve picked a Team…you will never make me budge. *Glitter shower here.*) Oh but kittens note…the slaggy fashion show only works if you’re comfortable with being whorey. 🙂 If you’re not, you’ll just look like a nun in a gay orgy.

My handsome and I were starving all day because we had to wait for a work phonecall in order to proceed with the day. I’m not good when i’m hungry. I’m feisty anyway. If i’m not fed…i’m furious. I mean, still sexy, but furious. The living room was filled with work props for his new (what i call ‘Dell Boy’) money making scheme. Keiran’s hardly a ‘Dell boy’ but then again he does recite me poetry called ‘Connected at the…nose,’ personally freestyled by his own master of a mind, in order to show me love. Therefore his sanity could be questioned?

The phonecall finally came and we ventured out to The Castle for dinner. The Castle is now NOT my favourite place to dine. Don’t get me wrong the food there is to DIE for, yet i’ve noticed that everytime we go, we end up in a fight. Dinner began, it was great, aside from the fact that he started our dinner time, by texting through it. I then decided to text, in order to not look like a moron.

Wine. Good. The starters. Fabulous. The conversation. Lovely. (I mean, he told me how happy he felt in life right now and how our future was going to be amazing.) Then came the ‘stuff that doesn’t matter’ drama. Ended in us both taking ‘storm out’ moments, bickering, fighting our corners quietly and then with Me attempting to walk home…in my hot pink heels in order to have the wind hit my skin. (I got honked at a lot.) He actually came and found me and picked me up in the car, with a ‘please don’t do that again, you had me so worried.’ But I truly would’ve walked the entire way home. Thank god i didn’t, my fuax fur would’ve gotten the better of the drunks. Yet I was calm, we both made up and tried to get back in the bubble.

In relationships it’s important that you know what battles are worth fighting and which ones to not give a shit about. People tend to remember the things that don’t matter, and forget the things that do. Not me. I have extreme life experience and i KNOW what’s important in life. Hence why i’m an achiever. Therefore, from now on i’m one by one cutting anything that causes me any form of uneccessary drama out of Wunna land with one glitzy *snip,* so that i can focus on my book and my family. I mean, whilst people waste their time gossiping around a table about the latest ‘Wunna’ antics..i’ll be concentrating on promoting my book and actually making a future for myself. The smart people get ahead in the time that people waste. People waste time, when they have nothing going on in their life.

On a more lovely note…(aww Ruby is being adorable right now and offering me ‘cheesy puffs’ for attention,) i’m feeling appropriately adored. Yesterday, i recieved 419 inbox messages from gents and young ladies telling me that i was an inspiration and well telling me that they would like to take me out on dates and would buy me shoes if i went. Men always try to buy me, because i know i love a good old dollop of the ‘Princess’ love. I’ve been offered plane tickets, marriage proposals, thousands of pounds, a future and everything in between from gents this week. Although flattered, i’ve ignored them all. I’m engaged to be married. But even if i was single, i wouldn’t need all the ‘fuss.’ At a time when i’ve been feeling down, or emotionally attacked. My fan mail has really perked me up.

I’m not sure what happened last night, but a flurry of lovely inbox messages came my way, when i was deciding to miss Hollywood and it certainly put a smile on my little face. It kinda makes me rememebr that i do have a TEAM WUNNA, even when i don’t think i do. People who don’t even know me will fight my life corner for me and when you have that, you have everything. I’ve loved reading your messages, they’ve made me feel powerful again, sexy again and happy. I want the world and you’re helping me get there. I owe you everything. It’s funny how your fans, kinda end up being your boss.

Last night, i snuggled with with Ruby and watched the Marilyn Monroe documentary with love. My handsome was out working and didn’t get back in until 4am. He’s still in bed now and well later we have a late family lunch with my parents. Our life is wonderufl right now, underneath a layer that needs to be winked at, in order to get it scraped off, so that we can breathe. I believe that we have a strong bond and an unbreakable one and i believe that even though i’ve been through a great deal of love and heartache in my life…with gin, in tinsel town and in heels, that we’re the strongest team alive. He just needs to learn the ropes. But i love him and i’m going to do life with him. Why? Well because there isn’t a better person for me. He’s good to me. I’m good to him. We really can take on the world with our love. No-one knows ‘us,’ like we know ‘us.’

I’m feeling chipper today and i’m lucky to have so much going on. I’m staying in the bubble and keeping things ‘fairytale.’ I love you all. I think i’ll have that ‘cheesy puff’ now. *Waves at you-giggles.* Oh and Dolls, if you’re not being Fabulous, then you’re really not living life right. 🙂

Have a beautiful day x.

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