Keeping it ‘Camp’

Today and from now on… i’m keeping it CAMP. Incase you didn’t realize, i’m now back to ‘Vixen’ after a rather preggo spell of ‘waddle-waddle.’ Now, i feel fighting fit. I have work to do. I’m conquering the world. In order to do that i need lipgloss and focus. Today, i’m spending my entire day working solidly on my book. In about one week, it will be FULLY completed. (I KNOW MUCH!!!) I think my agent is probably mildy frustrated at me. I text her this morning filled to the brim with enthusiasm. I got *blanked.* Lol. But this time I really am buckling down. If i’m wanting to spread ‘Wunna-ness’ around the world, via written word. Then i’ve got to get off my lazy patoodi and stop dilly-dallying around. I’m now not as terrified. I’m feel like the QUEEN of  living and liking.

Anyway enough of that! Last night…I had

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