Keep it Magical.

Date Night was delicious. OMG! I found myself lost in the coziness of Miller & Carter in Leeds being truely and utterly romanced by my ‘handsome’ over carafes of red wine and medium rare steak. It was loving, magical, dipped in a marvel of sexy tension. It was that great time in a relationship where you have been together for a while, yet you find yourself feeling ‘young’ again, with a fresh flirty ‘ooh laa.’

Loverboy and I are stronger than ever and because i’ve finally found a gent you will never do me wrong and actually loves me, for being the me. We giggled, we entertained, we ‘wooed’ each other and basically kept the magic alive. We finally had time to talk love, life and trand over our ‘misty-watercoloured.’ I tend not to talk about the past with Loverboy and not because it’s horrific, because it’s actually the exact opposite from it. However because i’m so excited about our future. 

We’re a silly couple at the best of times and well last night, the most romantical, affectionate nights of all nights, surrounded by warmth, deep reds, fireplaces, wine and a waitress named ‘Lorna,’ pretty much re-lit the candle of love.. Therefore be you a guy or a girl and you feel that you’re not getting treated to magical nights of adoration by your ‘other side of the pillow,’ then know that you should be and why…because it’s what every little being of Glamour Puss deserves.

Anyway got to go, we’re off to the Leeds Food festival today.

Woke up this morning and told Loverboy how much i loved him as i rolled over. He looked over at me, kissed me and told me i was ‘beautiful…like a piece of MEAT.’ MEAT?? Erm..i’m like a rack of lamb? A fricking sausage sandwich? He did mean it with the most romantic intentions..even though he followed it up with a ‘you’re like a fillet.’ Fillet? Like a cod? Or like an actual thing you ‘fill up,’ with boners? I rolled my eyes at him, giggled and then we got ready to begin our day! He’s being mildy possesive today and not letting me wear a short skirt? Heelllooo i’m a diva much? This always happens to me with men. It reminded me of being married to Michael. He’d apparently prefer it if i wore jeans, so that pervs won’t perv on me around fresh food. I slipped off my white frilly skirt. (I mean i’ll give him was a bit ‘Playboy mansion’ for Leeds.) Then put on my denim skirt. I’m a Glamour Puss..denim skirt is jeans to me. Booyaah!

Loving life right now. The food festival here we come. If you’re my diet, you have my sincerest apologies. *Wiggle-wink.*

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