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‘Chrissie I have been following your blog since bbf and I just wanna say you fucking rock…no matter what you do you have my 100% support! I look up to you and you taught me a lot about the creature MEN. Girl success all the way! I love you Chrissie hope everything will be ok! xP.S Funny how your daughter is called Ruby and my name is Scarlett, both means red and I share the same birthday with her (24/2) but I am 22 already haha!

Scarlett aka Tink’

I woke up this morning feeling over the moon. I mean I did feel mildy frustrated with the fact that I had to roll out of my DIVA bed, kiss my Baby Ruby ‘goodbye’ for the day, then slip into my pinstripe office wear for work. ūüôĀ Now¬† i’m all¬†that my¬†little¬† BabyRuby has (and we’re fine with that, because we have each others wink and ability to hold each other up,)¬†I just really don’t like¬†leaving her. (Even though she gets to play ‘ooh’ faces with my family. Maybe¬†i’m just jealous. ūüôā¬† *Wiggle-shimmie-ooh.*)¬†¬† I actually woke up feeling great, without a care in the world and like I could maybe even resolve my issues with Pete? I was that happy!¬† Yet due to¬†having to rush to¬†work and almost being LATE due to making a game of¬† ‘dancing girl’ with Ruby my priority. (I had never done it in pinstripes before.) I didn’t bother phoning him at all. He ditched my little Glamour Puss and¬†I, due to his ‘needs to learn to that it’s none of her business’ big horrific¬†sister causing unneccesary drama.¬† We’re holding our¬†little heads up high and well today was all about putting the past in it’s place and moving forward with happiness. And that I did!

Got to work, found it brilliant. Had a laugh with Karan & Kelly (my two office Glamour Pusses.) Talked about Men, the situation I was going through. Giggled it off over coffee in leopard print mugs. Did a bit of work. Recieved exciting phonecalls from my agent. Really began to brim over with this rainbow of positive ‘oohness’ due to being around all the right people. It was like life couldn’t be any better and after talking things out with my other ‘on swizzly chairs’ co-workers, i pretty much came to the conclusion (after a really looong while) that I should probably make up with Pete and decide to be a family again. I felt like myself and it was just good to refuel.

However, don’t get me wrong. During these 8hrs of merry thought. I did decide that I wouldn’t at all BE with Pete romantically until he proved himself. Therefore whilst I was busying upon Peter’s Facebook wall, (‘Aww due you miss him Chrissie?’) I came up with ‘The 12 days of forgiveness.’ (‘No Kelly. I’m showing him ways to say I’m sorry.’)

Okay,¬†¬†‘The 12 days of forgiveness’ is the art of ME, now making Pete WORK for my love. After all¬†his sisters tedious¬†shit stirring and all of Pete’s lying and weakness. (He’s terrified of standing up for himself incase his family doesn’t like him. Yet doesn’t care if Ruby or I¬†end up not liking him. He was willing to lose us, due to this fear.) I now needs to prove his love and prove it via purchasing girly delights. Therefore i posted a crystal ring on his wall and a pink, fluffy Juicy couture bag upon it also with the words ‘Ways to say sorry.’ This will continue for 12 entire days until he gets with the program and buys my affection. He claims he adores me, can’t¬†live without Me. Hmm…? Then sir, you have 12 days to purchase me some love! ūüôā

I was all jokey and all happy after spending the day pretty much excited for the future and ready to get back to my baby girl. Then at around 5.30pm….here she is AGAIN. Out of nowhere ‘Tedious’ big sister ‘home wrecking’ busy-body, decides her life must not be dramatic enough and flies me over a text. A long boring awful one..where she rambles on about how i’m a hypocrite, visicious, and all the rest of the ‘hoo-haa.’ It’s like she needs to potter around where she’s really not wanted or something? I mean, heaven forbid that Pete and I actually attempt to not involve HER in all of this. (I smell and attention whore.) I have larger things to concentrate on right now. Like MY BABY and¬†moving forward¬†peacefully. I’m trying to forget the drama and¬†and¬†wiggle back into the swing of things, without HIM.¬†I’ve going to heartbreak for both ME and little Rubes. I enjoy that she doesn’t get that nothings about her!! GO AWAY! Have a little decency much. I’m allowed to write my blog and anything I actually think believe it or. It does actually read ‘chrissiewunna.com.’ (I’m her.) Again how about you attempt to live your life instead of trying to edit MINE.

Therefore just as everything was about to get better for Pete. There was the nuisance…who ruined it all…AGAIN. I mean, now she’¬†s just kicking up dust for no reason. I immediately got angry, got really fed up. Re-realized that i really didn’t want anything to DO with a boy who was related to ‘that.’ Realized that i just want a peaceful fun loving life with my daughter alone and went to Pete’s to grab the rest of my stuff.

I’m truely over him now due to his lack of being able to stick up for himself, Me or his daugther. He’s weak and that’s not only not sexy, but not worth it. He opened the door like he expected me to love him with hugs. I politely walked passed him and began packing bags, as he tried to make Me be with him again and looked like he didn’t actually know how we got this way. (You threw us out!!!)

He admitted to me that his sister was being ureasonable (what I call a ‘bitch’ and i did call her that because she doesn’t seem to realize that she has made Pete chose¬†HER, over of his own daugther, due to fear…she won’t get that because she doesn’t really know him.)¬†I have a helpless 9 week old baby, who looks up at me, holds my hand and with a gummy smile, tells me we’re gonna be just fine. That is what both her and Pete have put her through and they don’t get why i’m mad?? He nervously fumbled his words and feelings during my visit. I don’t like that in people at all.

I mean¬†Pete apparently¬†even read my blog and rambled on about how my true colours were now showing… INFRONT of his parents.Yet infront of Me, told me the exact opposite. I cried and then yelled at him. Then whilst slamming a door shouted ‘I will NEVER EVER love you.‘ I waltzed out of her without a single fear and for the first time, i didn’t even peek behind me.

Bottom line. I just don’t fancy him anymore. I need a man that can stand up for himself. I certainly don’t love him anymore. It’s now gone too far and passed the bond of repair, due to the involvment of others and well i’m really happy and really excited to get on with my future. I’m over the drama and moving my story on.

I have the most wonderful baby, a delicious¬†world¬†and like I always say, everyday is from now on, going to be ‘the best day of our life!‘ He chose to not be part of our adventure and well i’ve noticed that we didn’t actually need him afterall. No matter what anyone says, i’m the one that is actually doing the RIGHT thing in this situation and that is looking after my bambino. We’re A.Okay and doing¬†GREAT with giggles. x (Thankyou for all you’re love and support right now. I posted one of my messages above because it meant so much to Me.)

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