Just plain old pimpy

Tonight i’m on an adventure…and i’ve been nervous all day. But after a bit of *light* therapy, a bit of a *wiggle* around to a delicious hip hop track, i’m now ‘all thumbs  up’ and ready to take the stallion by the *whoop-dees* and turn it into *magic.* Wish me luck.

I haven’t been the usual online floozey that i normally am, due to being busy, having to groom, pack a bag and re-hydrate from my night of wine, with the hottest handsome this world has to offer. I swear, i tottered up to the bar, to return with hands full of double Malibu concotions and i had to sort of *stop.* I paused, looked at this beautiful specimen of ‘sexy’ and just couldn’t even breathe. He was gorgeously delicious, and he didn’t even realize. Luckily, after my *pause* i snapped back to reality and realized it was ‘Loverboy.’ I sighed with relief, smiled and tried to get him drunk on malibu. It worked. 🙂 (I’m a pro.) I like when I re-discover a bit of ‘ sexy’ and then I realise it’s actually already MINE!

Anyway, i do have to venture my pretty Glamour puss bootay off, because i have a train to catch. I’m in Leeds tonight, trying out a bit of this and a bit of that. I’m peeking in peeky holes and dabbling with the art of seduction. (You can tell i’m up to no good, simply by the fact i’m not telling you what ‘m doing yet. lol)

Love you all. You know you are a champion when a Handsome just looks at you after pulling the ‘Race card’ and says ‘Are you drunk? Coz you’re really slurring your words??’ #BEME  I was letting words trip up ungracefully out of my mouth in a peach, sequinned dress, having to listen to a dude talk about trampolines for 50 quid. You’d be wasted too. I’ve only just realized how drunk i was. But i’m the Kitty Queen of jiggery pokery, i shook it off, with a wink and ‘oooh.’ (The weather is AMAZING  right now.)

Oh and i’ve given Wazza 2 weeks to actually GO ON A DATE. He always puts them off, and well i’m sick of him putting Cupid on hold. I’m all good with the Gods of lurve right now…therefore he must be good with them to… via association. Two weeks! It’s girlfriend seasons boys! Get with it…score a Dolly, it’s summer…she’ll be in bikinis! *Downs wine*

Tonight will be ace. (Oh and if you’re in America…I’m on the telly tonight. TV Guide channel…10pm…Watch it.)

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