Just add vodka

Morning all! It’s a lovely day today, and i’m filled to the brim with Va Voom. Life just keeps getting better, and i never want it to end. I’m showered, groomed, and decorated in the greatest golden chandelier, rainbow coloured jewel incrusted earrings…and they along with chimpanzees are my new favourite thing. I’m currently wishing i had a real life munchkin, who could massage my feet at any given time, that i would lovingly keep in a beautifully decorated munchkin closet. My feet KILL, and i only want a munchkin to massage them, as if a boy did it, they would expect sex afterwards, and if a girl did it, well….it just wouldn’t be as hilarious.

I’ve spent the majority of the morning being very busy, and very important, which is code for ‘danced around a newly painted, dining room infront of a mirror for approx, 2 hours, to a rather grand mixture of Chrissie Wunna’s favourite tunes.’ I’ve performed completely imaginary music videos to them all, (some we’re quite dirty) and now i need my feet rubbed by munchkins, and as per usual…. there are zero munchkins in sight!! (aww…!) The sadest thing about the whole performing imaginary music videos, to myself in the mirror, is that i actually do it, and take it,  quite seriously, like i really am filming a music video…hahahah…(cough*Loser*cough.) You should see my face! (lol) Then i spend hours cracking up, over how much i actually fancied myself. (Booyah…and all that good stuff!!) I’m a sorry case, they lost the instructions a very loong time ago….so they say??

One of my dearest friends, i’ll call her ‘Skank,’ claims, ‘You kind of just add water, and she goes hilariously insane.’ That’s not ME, that’s fucking GREMILNS 2!! If you add water, I doubt that i’ll go insane? I’ll just be highly disappointed in you…and like forever. Girls like moi, enjoy droplets of vodka. Water is over-rated, unless ofcourse you are dying of thirst, then you have my sincerest apologises. I’m currently playing with a sticker, that has a massive ’39’ on it. It’s the greatest sticker in the world ever, because it refuses to really stick to anything worthwhile. If i were a sticker, i’d be just like ’39!’

3 thoughts on “Just add vodka”

  1. you make me crack up chrissie u are proper funny babe. im pleased uare so happy babe and that u had such great fun dancing around your room pretending to be in music videos babe. why dont u try out for the xfactor. i hope u find the muchkins to massage your paltes. if i ever massaged anyones feet i would expect more than sex i would expect a crate of stella and all coz i hate feet i hope u have a lovely week babe take care chrissie tada scratch


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