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‘Team Baby’ have scored! I’ve had an over excited 2 year old and a projectile vomiting 5 month year, run mental jolly circles around  Old Glitzy Me, with a *Kapow-Air Punch* and a *Middle finger?*

Junior’s ill and can’t bare the thought of me putting him down (as in not holding him 🙂 every single second of the day) and Ruby is Ruby…the miniest exact character version of ME this earth could ever personality match. I’ve had zero sleep, but i’m laughing. I’ve had no time for coffee, but its all dandy. Being a mum and waving the flag of positive energy is all that matters to me right now..(and the Danny Osborne Caldendar.) I’ve become much stronger because I know exactly what I don’t want to be like. I’m grateful and i’m lucky and for once my ‘lawn’ is watered. There’s no grass greener than Wunna land. Even if you think there is!

A lot has been shifted and altered. I’ve scrubbed out the things in life that I haven’t enjoyed doing. That’s a very important thing in life, when it comes to ‘the long run.’ Mine is in the area of work. Don’t waste time investing in something that doesn’t initially hold your passion and certainly look to the future and see if will excite you later down the line. If not..don’t do it. Money, smoney. From now on when it comes to work, i’m only dancing with the things that makes me heart glow and gets me to that right energy wavelength.

If you can’t do what you want to do yet, you can still be happy. (Believe it or not. 🙂 ) Just plan out the appropriate steps and levels to where you want to be. Focus on them, don’t waste time, be patient, yet dedicated, work hard and well time really does fly. You’ll find that! Before you know it, you’ll be doing the thing that you want to do and beaming over with a champagne happiness.

I’m educating myself and getting the appropriate qualifications for something that I can do very well, yet need to have ‘paper proof’ of my abilities and alongside the lip gloss line, i’m headed off to drama school. I want to re-learn and I want to be around people who share the same passion of performance.

Alongside all that…i’m Mummy. That’s the hardest but most rewarding part. I’m now working my arse off with a fixed glare on where I want to be, simply so my children can boast about me when their older, like I’m some kind of bouji Goddess.

I’m happy. I need coffee. This is only brief, as i’m knackered. I can’t even see, let along type.

In fact, I  went to an audition yesterday morning, where I was forced to sing. It went really well and I got through the heat. #weirdiknow. I didn’t actually find it too hard and I still managed to find time to pop into the nearest grocery store and pick up ingredients for homemade bonfire toffee. (We ended up making chocolate dipped strawberries. It’s ace making fruit snacks, with a being that used to live in my womb.)

What i’ve learnt about love. ‘When it’s new it’s cute. but when it’s lasts it’s beautiful.’ That’s where we all needed to be headed. I’m a traditionalist and i certainlyl don’t adore this modern approach to love and families.

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