Just a quickie…

Morning my little cherry pies of ‘cha’boom.’ This has got to be a quickie, (ooh i liiike) and ismply because i’m in a rush to work and my life seems to be playing up and not fitting speed. I’m a glamour puss..my body’s on swagger mode. My head runs at the speed of light, along with my heels, concocting a weird combination of ‘this ain’t working,’ much.

I’m exhautsed and i feel like my legs have been walking, walking, walking for miles on end, non-stop, even after a big sleep. I can’t wait for the weekend because i need a break from the jiggle. My legs only hurt because i had to psrint up a giant hill, then another giant hill, in 10 inch hooker heels yet bizarrely looking highly profesisonal, (like one of those powerful ladies of ‘Barbie.’ Infact i looked so ‘important’ that a dustbin man ecsorted me to my destination, in fear that i ‘might get got’ and because i obviously ‘wasn’t from around here.’ Lol. I was in Wakefield. I’m never hiking in 10 inch heels ever again on cobbles. Nice bin man though.

I worked all day, attempted a couple of ecaspe routes. I’m shit at ecsaping, because i can’t think logically. Plus my big hair, diamantes and bright pink trench made me quite visible to ANYONE really. You know you’re shit at escaping when you’re dolled up and an actual CHAIN, GIANT comedy padlock and a wheel-barrow get the better of you. I couldn’t get my head around in all and i was randonly in what looked like a cubby hole dungeon. AWFUL. Therefore, i waited, spritzed and did a public catwalk saunter out. It’s the only way that works for me.

Ended up at a meeting, where i had to meet a lady in PR and my Lit. Agent at a coffee shop…where the bin man had ecsorted me. We had a quick, punchy talk and juts like that life got better.

I’ll catch up later… (Oh Loverboy and I are back to ‘good’ again now.) Love is a weird thing. I often fight the feeling, because i’m not used to being so stable. I always  thought love was more exciting in the early flirty single stages, or when you’re young and getting flutterbies at the sight of a text. However, i’ve realized that when you’re older you look for something different and that ‘different’ rock of stability…is kinda what i’m dealing with now. [Add vodka here.] 🙂 Here we go again…


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