Just a quick one…

How you all doing?

This is a quick catch up blog, as obviously a lot is going on in the world right now, with the whole ‘virus’ dilemma….I have a so much tell you. So much has happened. I’ve been so busy! Lots of work. Lots of life. I’ve also been in Manchester booking ace jobs!

However…back to the world ‘Covid 19’ situation.. If I’m being honest, I’m loving those who are staying safe, yet STILL having fun and living. (It’s really NOT the end of the world. If you’re panicking…don’t. Take the necessary precautions, yet keep enjoying life.)

There’s no reason to feel at a loss. I understand a lot of the stress. Yet things haven’t stopped. They’ve simply ‘paused’ and I’m enjoying the ‘pause’ because we need it at times. There’s nothing you can do…so make like Prosecco… just chill and enjoy!

PLUS, you’ve got back up…if you’re feeling rubbish…this time, THE REST of the world UNDERSTANDS how you’re feeling. We get it. We got you. Don’t worry. Plonk a smile on ya face. Everything happens for a reason! Everything will be fine. You’re exactly where you’re meant to be!

I assure you…The beat still goes on regardless. …kinda whether you like it or not.

So please continue to stay positive and keep moving forward because this whole living in fear and hoarding toilet roll bonanza…. is bonkers.

Stop it! Stop it now! Stop being nuts! I mean who hoards such an unnecessary essential. Get the RUM! GET ALL THE WINE!

Toilet roll? It couldn’t get any duller. 😉 If everything comes to an end…you’ll want a GIN…not a bit of paper to wipe ya ‘hooty.’

Builder to my right: ‘I saw a man driving in marigolds! Lol. Really! I honestly just did! He had a face mask on n’all!’

Other Builder: ‘I swear I’ve already had it. I had it last week.’

‘We’re Yorkshire. We’ll be fine. Just put a big coat on.’

‘I’ve had the flu jab, me. I’m sorted.’

However yes, my inbox is FULL of you all asking how I’m doing etc…

Well…we here in Wunna Land are doing GREAT for such a strange time. Ruby, Junior and I are literally & quite weirdly having THE BEST time, in a long time.

The babies are still in school. If that changes…then they’ll love it, as they’ll get to stay at home for days on end. Haha.

I’m still filming. I’m back on the ‘L’appel du Vide’ set with Director Georgia tomorrow because we’re absolutely ‘gangsta.’ I mean, at the end of the day, if I didn’t die falling down a cliff during the storms, the Virus won’t kill me… and if it does…let’s face it..I’ve had a good life, haven’t I! Lol.

So yeah…we’re still gonna be working like troopers and making the most of the ‘down’ time.

Of course, a lot of shoots etc.. have been postponed, due to the whole self isolation issue…However they’re ONLY postponed…There’s no need to fret. I’m seeing a lot of fretting. Things really WILL go back to normal! Quicker than you think….

But yes…people are asking me if i’m self isolating and if I’m being honest… No. Not yet. We’re still eating out. We’re still living and enjoying our family time together. But don’t get me wrong, when everywhere decides to close, then we won’t go be going out and about…because we won’t be able to! Lol.

But yes, We’re all happy, healthy and doing really well, In fact, we’re doing surprisingly better than we ever have? It’s odd? I know. But it’s a really lucky time for Wunna land and I feel so utterly grateful. I feel SO completely blessed. If there were lucky stars i’d thank them! (I’m almost having to pinch myself, as I’m watching ‘dreams come true’ & for that feeling alone…i’m truly grateful.)

I hope you’re all well, all happy and all staying safe.

Love you dearly!

Chrissie x

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