Just a little Bit More

Hello My Delicious Winks of an Eye! This morning i’m talking ‘Just a little bit more’ and not as in my favourite Liberty X cracker, but as in our almost favourite behaviour…’Addiction!’ Lovely Jubbly!

I’m far too lazy and far too commitment phobe, to really be addicted to anything…aside from my jolly old self, which is an addiction i approve of. If it takes too long…then you’ve pretty much lost me.  I’ll be ready packed and on my next adventure.Yet i do always feel like, when people are desperately yearning for that ‘little bit more’ (whether it be board games or boys.) It’s simply because they have a baby sized void, that they temporarily need to fill with ‘instant fix’ fluff. I have no void. I have Va Voom and good times pouring out of every going orifice (not by choice…it just happens.) Infact, i’m so full of that ‘joie de vivre’ that i spill out all over the place, annoying most of the good folk in this world and staining their starchy white  ‘to scared to wear hot pink’ shirts.

The most commonly used phrase by my ex boyfriends, close friends, aquaintances and current squeezes is usually ‘I’m addicted to you.‘ Most people get an ‘i love you’ or a ‘hey honey.’ But i’m way up there with booze, smoking, diet pills and hardcore drugs. I’m an addiction! Lovely! Can i get fries with that? It makes me sound so Rock n Roll. (She smashes her magical air guitar, into her fake hotel telly.)

It’s weird being compared to an uncontrollable, compulsive behaviour, that can end up being quite harmful. I’m not sure whether it’s something to be proud of? Yet since 2009 is My year of keeping it Sexy… it is ‘Sizzle Me HOT,’ baby! Addiction Rocks! I did once visit someone in LA, who had a real life ‘Chrissie Wunna Shrine.’ Obviously this wasn’t my most cleverest of ideas, but after i got the email, i armed myself with my burliest male friend and tottered off to go check out this Magnificent Wonder.

Basically, it was pretty shit really! I was unimpressed. My friend and I were standing in his West Hollywood den, glaring at a couple computer printed out pictures of me, a good luck candle from ‘Objet d’arts’ and a half dead rose. My burly male giggled at the sheer horror plastered across my face. I mean, if you’re gonna have a ‘Chrissie Wunna Shrine’ and you know for a FACT that  i’m going to come over….AT LEAST jazz it up a little, so my ego can get just that little bit bigger. I even told him it was rubbish. Yet he kept stating that he worshipped me, calling me Princess Wunna and opted for the ‘creepy creepy,’ version of him, rather than the ‘i’m often funny.’ I wasn’t scared. I just wanted a better shirne!

Moral of this tale. If i’m your secret vice…make it flipping good!

Chrissie Wunna

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  1. ok sweet ones i will do babe it is a compliment to say i am more addictied to u than a smack head is to smack coz they do love a bit of brown


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