Jungle Katie & A Gooey little Fly Trap

I keep being attached to ‘fly tape’ which is some kind of mucussy gluey yellow orange ‘dangle from the ceiling’ tape that well dangles from the ceiling and catches flies, as they carelessly fly into it…and leaves them stuck there forever. It’s kinda like marriage or a really bad relationship. It looked so good at the beginning, yet now your held upside down and stuck there forever, against your will and then ofcourse… you die. (Pass me my wine! *Drunk Dials ferociously*)

I’ve had a lot of messages from my darlings who want to know my views on Katie Price quitting the jungle. Well i love Katie Price. I really do. I admire anyone that’s achieved a lot. I wave the flag for her and all that she’s been through. Yet i’m not really one to believe ‘quitting‘ anything is okay. Like if it was me…i wouldn’t of quit AT ALL. I would’ve laughed it off and stuck it out like a trooper. HOWEVER, i also believe it’s quite hard to walk away from something that doesn’t neccessarily bring out the best in you. Y’know something that makes you feel miserable. (I’ve learnt this from relationships and hideious jobs i’ve worked in the past.) So, if it feels all kinds of shitty…then yeah by all means…cut it out of your life and change it. And that she did. I think she was just tired of being ‘gamed‘ with (even though that kinda is the whole point to the show) so good on her. She did what she wanted! And as we know…i’m all for a bit of ‘do as you please.’

I’m reading an article on a woman that BREAST feeds her own puppy…then her own first born child. How do i recieve the odd bundle of ‘hate mail’ and she gets a 2 page spread in ‘New Magazine then adored. I’m turing up to the next party with a sequined terrier attached to my nip!

There’s a picture of her gleefully getting all kinds of ‘into’ it. Is it wrong that i’m mildly turned on?? I need to meet her and interview her. I’m sure she has some great dating tips.  (No point in me trying that ‘doggy-breast feed’ thing really…nothing would come out but Grey Goose.) I obviously need a more fulfilling love life. I’m resorting to breast feeding floozies for erotic entertainment.

I’ve just come out of a big meeting….my story ends in LA.

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