July ain’t too shabby

I’m LOVING July. It’s really stretching a smile across my little minx like face of over bronzed, and slanted eyes of bedroom!  I’m just feeling OVER THE MOON and almost like I could leap through candy caned fields of delight, (Inspired by the fact that both Loverboy and I watched ‘Willy Wonka’s choccie factory’ yesterday) and paint the town peach with a side of Pina Colada. (Big Brother 11 is currently in my background, and John James is singing about combine harversters. I haven’t had time to watch it at all, this year due to nights out, dinners, love, shots and baby making. However, saying that if you add *work* and *working it* to that equation…i really haven’t had time to do much of anything!

Being back up north has been thoroughly enjoyable. I just felt like i needed a time out, to spend tapping Loverboy on the arm, and looking up at him with my eyes of bimbo, and telling him to give me a ‘love’ with a *giggle.* We’re really close right now, and glueing together more and more each day. Obviously i’ve been away working for a wee bit, which makes my poor ‘Handsome‘ feel half full. He’s not a boy who enjoys being abandoned in any way. But neither am I! I’m truely quite coupley and well the reason why our relationship works, is because we live each loving moment like it’s our last. We’re not afraid to adore each other, and tell each other how much we care…when we are together, we are in contact with each other emotionally. I’ve never felt this way about a boy in my life and well he cooks a mean

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