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If you haven’t ‘Shared Your Happiness’ at the Frenchgate Centre in Doncaster…you really should. It’s the perfect time to enjoy a message & join in with the merriment. Right? 

I mean, especially as some of you head into the Summer holidays with the children. (Mine have already broken up & they’re loving it.) In fact, even if you’re an adult and you simply TAKE A MOMENT. (We never TAKE as many moments, as WE SHOULD, do we?) It’s really important that you do. Y’know, just to ‘pause,’ smile, remember and embrace the things that make YOU happy. The simple things. 

Of recent, I’ve changed my entire lifestyle around to keeps things simple, keep things happy, so there’s no ‘cafuffle.’ Therefore, I think it’s a great idea to take part in something that makes OTHER people happy also! 

I reckon we’re gonna have a wonderful Summer. A ‘Wunnaful’ Summer 😉 and Ruby, Junior & I are sharing tiny pieces of OUR version of life on our ‘socials.’ It’s basically just ALL the things we love. All the things we do.

A lot of you are already there with us and I couldn’t be more thankful. I appreciate every bit of love that you’re taking the time to send us. It means a lot to know that we’re hopefully inspiring you! (Whenever there’s a really sweet message, I read it out to the kids and they get all giddy with excitement.) 

So, I’m working really hard right now, but I’m beaming. Good work keeps me alive! However, I balance it all really well with family. (Single Mumming it, as I call it.) Right now, that ‘straight from the soul’ kinda joy, is a happening …and these little moments of time, fun, life and family, mean the world to me. They mean the world to us all! 

I’m not someone who takes real moments of ‘happy’ for granted. I guess it’s because I know, so many others struggle to find it. That’s why I treasure it deeply.

But yes, I’ve Joined The Frenchgate Happiness Movement…cos why not! I’ve seen many a campaign and let me tell you, this one has been delivered beeeeautifully. It’s developing before my kitten eyes, with new surprises every week. It’s old school thoughts, with a modern day twist! It’s right up my street &

whoever came up with the initial idea is an absolute marvel. 

It’s completely Wunna Land. It’s exactly what I want to see and feel. It’s bright. It’s direct. It’s fun. It’s creative. It’s eye catching. You’ll stop. You’ll look. You’ll question. It’s glamorous.

 I like that it educates & promotes a message of joy..a message of self care.

It reminds us to be happy because sometimes you’re happier than you think! You have everything you need right around you! We fail to see that sometimes. 

In life we learn a lot. Schools teach us our ‘A, B, C’s.’ It teaches us discipline and structure. It helps us find our way into a work field. But no-one really sits down and teaches us the art of happiness. That’s not on a curriculum. That’s something we have to feel out and find by ourselves, through experience. That’s the adventure. So I’m kinda enjoying teaching ‘happiness’ over to my babies….as we casually saunter and shop. They’re learning love & life without them even realising. 

It’s delightful! 

I’m at The Frenchgate again today ( I love supporting my home town) and I’m going to be picture taking and sharing my moments of ‘happy’ with you on my ‘socials’ over the coming weeks. (Twitter/Instagram/FB/Snapchat.) 

Hopefully I’ll see you there soon. Hopefully you’ll join the Happiness Movement with me!  I’ve even selfied with a Wunna fan in a ‘Happy Zone’ by growing plants and helped a lady work the ‘Giddy as a kipper’ bubble gum machine. Lol. 

It’s a campaign that gives back, gives out & shows love. It teaches you about yourself and delivers ways in which YOU can relax and be happy also. Yet at the same time, it presents quirky ways in which you can step out of YOUR every day ‘cycle,’ and create memories, fun moments and take part, with family, loved ones or friends. 

(If you’re a Millennial..It’s also utterly instagrammable! Lol. 😉 It’s wonderful. Get snapping! Again…a very smart campaign that’s keeping up with the times, but with a very positive message.)

The kids and I have been reading the messages of happiness. Like I said, we’ve done the bubble gum machines. We’ve sat in the garden ‘Happy Zone,’ for relaxation. We’ve pictured on the selfie walls. We’ve seen the boxed head, happy helmets. We’ve loved the ‘love heart’ board, filled with photographs of smiles. We’ve learnt ways to BE happier…scientifically. We’ve learnt ways to spread cheeriness emotionally.

We’ve shared love. We’ve shared laughter. We’ve danced. We’ve posted our experience everywhere. We’ve done quite a lot and it’s been so much fun! 

But what I love I about it all, is the fact that it seems to pop out of nowhere, just when you’re rushing about, or dashing for the elevator, or simply sitting around, hoping for a minute of relaxation. It pops out of nowhere, just when you need it. It draws you in. It’s inviting. It’s warm. It’s in the slightest of everyday spaces around the centre. It’s there to make you feel. It’s there to make you  smile.

So yeah! Have a saunter. Have a go! 

If you tinker through The Frenchgate, if you work there or shop there, you’ve definitely seen us. Probably seen us A LOT. We’re always welcomed and I love you for that! 

If you do have a minute, a moment or just need something to kill time…I fully recommend heading down. There’s lots to do, especially through Summer. So why not shop, eat, drink…play? If you see me, feel free to stop me for a chat! People do it all the time for a moment or a selfie & it’s lovely. I share what I’m doing momentarily. So it’s easy to find me or easy to see what I’m up to for inspiration. 




The campaign gets a two thumbs up and a delicious cocktail kiss from Wunna Land. 

I think, ‘Sharing Your Happiness’ is a wonderful way to make memories. If you venture to The Frenchgate Centre in Doncaster. Post your pics and vids online with…

#FrenchgateShareYourHappy (tag me in them and I’ll post them on my I say story.)

Who knows, you could inspire others to do the same! Nothing feels better than that! I can assure you! 

Hopefully, I’ll see you there soon. Ruby and I are headed to lunch, as Junior gets his hair cut! X

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