Jason the waiter

‘Why do you have to ruin everything Chrissie??’ (It’s not even 9am, and i’m already ‘ruining everything,’ and in some other country of the world?) ‘Some guy i just met, won’t have sex with me because he says he knows you!!’ (Not this again!!)

So as she tells me the McStory, and i thumb through my little black book of foolishness. I finally remember little ‘Jason the Waiter,’ which is bizarre as i never really had sex with him. I basically just made myself look like a complete ‘drunken twat,’ after we kissed, because i decided i wanted him, after not wanting him, when the window of opportunity had already slammed shut!!

He worked at ‘Mexicali’ a restuarant in Sherman Oaks, LA. (I don’t go there now.) We caught each others eye, as he served me my chips and salsa. I remember being totally dazzled by him. It was weird…i was just sooo sexually attracted, right off the bat and i love it when that happens, as it makes my system boil. Anyway, long story short, we flirted and tossed sexual tension back and forth, whilst i had my burrito (I’m not shy, so i came on pretty ‘Full on’) and as i was about to get up and leave, he whispers in my ear, and begs me to stay (like only an LA waiter can do… they’re all whores.) I do, as his work night is nearly over, and he’s all ‘puppy dog like’ excited. Infact, i was too, as i had no idea, what was going on?? He grabs my arm, in front of all his workmates, we walk out of the place hand in hand, like happy ‘known each other forever’ lovers. It’s 2am. My hormones are racing!

As soon as we turn the corner, he slowly pushes me up against a wall, he looks my body up and down, (soooo hot) and we passionately kiss…like a proper intense movie MAKE-OUT!! The kissing, and fondling continued as we walked, (not sure how)..but i did end up laid on the front of his SUV, him on top, in the open night air, with no-one around us, just kissing like there was no tomorrow. It was crazy hot! We we’re almost ripping each others clothes off. He asks if he could come back to mine, as obviously he’s all hot and bothered now…and for some reason, i just stopped, snapped out of it, and said ‘no.’ (I’m an idiot.) I don’t know what happened next, but i do remember trying to explain to him, that i had to work at 5am, (just as an ‘extra’ on some Danny Devito, ‘never came out’ movie,) so tonight was not the night. Just bad timing!! He was really upset. Infact, i was too….but i just drove off.

Next day after MY work, i spent the evening at HIS work, and we we’re a little awkward, and ‘not talky, but talky.’ I had proper messed it all up, (as per usual) due to work commitments. I saunter out to my car, as i figured i looked like an arse, just waiting around at some boys work, like a McLoser all hopeful and smiley…and tucked into my window was a parking ticket. UGH!! I snatch it out, grumble and frown, then unfold it, to see that it wasn’t a ticket, just a note that had my name, a telephone number, and was signed ‘Jason.’ A rush of excitement willed it’s way through my system. I became obsessed with him!! (Here we go…)

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