It’s Spring!!!!!

Happy first day of Spring! Happy International Day Of Happiness! I hope you’re all doing exceedingly well & making glorious use of the free time that’s been blown our way, due to the tango of the Corona Virus. 

This has been the first time, in absolute months that I’ve had off work, so I’m choosing to see it as a luxury. It keeps things deliciously perky & positive. Especially when the other side is to see it as a self isolating prison. Only the grumbly will do that…and I know you’re not grumbly. 😉

I’m certainly one who can enjoy my own company. 😉 However (although I’m being positive about the situation & just getting on with it all,) I’m actually not one who believes that self isolation is a wonderful thing. I get the ‘don’t spread germs and the virus’ shabam…I come from an entire family of Doctors. It makes sense. I’m not stupid. I don’t like the idea of passing on the virus if I had it. But like I said to my good good friend Jenna yesterday. We chatted outside, as people dashed about us bulk buying all the pasta…

‘If I get the corona virus and die…at least I’ve had a good life. Haha.’

Jenna: ‘Haha…true Wunna. Very true!!!’

We pissed ourselves laughing. Got on with life. She walked off with her milk & I ventured onward to find potatoes.

Oh the glamour! I never thought I’d ever have to go on a hunt for potatoes. I usually hunt for gin, diamonds or handsome folk.

I even bumped into ‘Lori’ who I love so madly because she has the most delicious sense of humour. Our daughters are in school together and It was a happy bumping. I haven’t seen her in so long. But she’s delightful. We got to chat for ages & just have a laugh, as everyone busied around, us madly.

Me: ‘Well at least you’ve been smart. You have turkey and a chicken. I have Budweiser and Super noodles.’

Lori: ‘Haha. I think we should buy lentils? I swear, we’re gonna have to be on rations! It’s crazy. Lol.’

Yesterday, I noticed that a lot of people had chosen to be out and about, instead of completely self isolating…because you just can’t successfully live your life trapped indoors 24/7…and still be emotionally stable.

That’s why I don’t fully agree with complete self isolation. It’s not a well balanced procedure.

My soul likes to feel free as a bird. It runs through the Wunna land blood line. We like to live, love and see the world. Feel the wind in our hair. Flirt with adventure & excitement. Dance on the streets. Cartwheel across the lands. You get the picture.

However luckily, Ruby, Junior & I enjoy each other’s company SO incredibly much, due to the little world that we accidentally managed to create….So for us, it’ll all be wonderful. I’m not sure it’s wonderful for everyone though & my heart goes out to them! It truly does. I send you all my love from the bottom of my heart.

All my filming has now been postponed. I’m officially off work until filming resumes. I’m enjoying the rest. I’m eating well. I’m relaxing and loving it. It’s been quite a blessing. I’m really Thankful for this break, that I didn’t realise I needed.

The babies finish school today, after it has been announced that all UK schools are to be closed as of this afternoon, to keep the nation safe!

It was certainly the correct decision. Plus, it keeps the teachers safe..and teachers alone are a blessing!

I looked at all the children in the playground this morning. They were laughing, running around and well they just looked SO SO happy to be around each other, oblivious to the stress that the world was under. It was lovely to see them all so free, as for a while now…they won’t have that burst of morning excitement…until further notice.

I’m not gonna lie. I’m excited to have my babies home with me. I’ve worked so hard, so it’s the perfect down time. It’s always a laugh with them. Yes, mental. Completely mental. But hilarious!!!

They’re already winding me up with Tik Tok moves and Nerf guns bullets to my forehead, as a wake up call. I wouldn’t have it any other way! They’re my bliss. My world. I literally DO live for them.

Ruby thinks I’m ruining her 9yr old career by refusing to start a Tik Tok account for her AND then DO VIDEOS WITH HER. She has another film, a book and a bag line to tend to by the end of this year. Her ambition makes me giggle. But she hasn’t enough on her plate AND home school. Although I’m similar. I’m her grounding influence…because I’ve lived the life she wishes for… I’m there to make sure she doesn’t get lost in a world of flurry. I keep it real. I keep it loving. I keep it positive.

On the other side of the room…

Junior thinks that burgers, like money…grows on trees???


Junior: ‘If i plant this sesame seed Mum, it’ll turn into a burger tree.’

Me: ‘Burgers don’t grow on trees, baby.’

Junior: ‘They do! Like money.’

Me: ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees, baby.’

Junior: ‘Oh?’

Whhhhhy, though!?!?!

I mean, family self isolation hasn’t even started yet and this is what I’m having to deal with…with a tortoise, a cat and in a kimono.

Happy first day of Spring! I hope you’re all doing well!

Make the most of every second!

Love you very much,

Chrissie x

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